Shih Tzu Step Brother and Sister Squabble


Hello! Well, Mom doesn’t have her act together yet, so we will just keep posting videos until she gets around to writing more! This is Nigel and Flower antagonizing each other! They do that all the time. Flower loves to egg him on and then jump up on the couch where he can’t get her. She almost didn’t make it this time! Notice their alien eyes at the end!

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Shih Tzu Sunday Walk at Majestic Park

Fun at Majestic Park

Mom says she will try to post videos so we have something to show people until she catches up on the blog. This is all of us at Majestic Park this morning. Candy goes with us on Sunday. The Man had to groom her paws first. She doesn’t like that. She tries to bite. Notice Dottie walking behind Mom! No one is holding her leash! The Humans trust her, but not the rest of us! Mom grabs her leash when we see other humans or animals, though.

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Shih Tzu Morning Walk

Our Morning Walk

Mom took a video of us walking this morning. How silly! But she says she is so proud at how far we’ve come and she wants to show the world we actually do walk. She says that because when we had a party a week or so ago, we just stayed at Shih Tzu Central. We can’t help it! We’re still getting used to people!

Back to the walking part. Nigel always liked to walk. But me, Dottie, and Candy were afraid to go for walks. We were afraid of the harness and the leash and what might be outside our home!

Now, I love it! I love chasing birds, although I can never catch them, because that thing that ties me to mother won’t let me go that far! But it’s fun trying.

Mom lets Dottie wander around. She says that’s because Dottie won’t run off chasing birds and get hit by a car or something! But I wish I had that freedom! Still, it is the funnest part of my day! Did I say I like taking walks!

Oh, you probably wonder why Candy isn’t in the video. Candy runs outside and hides when it’s time for our walk. Mom says she is just learning how to walk three dogs, so that’s okay. On the weekend, when the Man goes with us, Candy has to come along!

Someday, though, Mom says she will start taking Candy every morning when we go. I can’t wait until tomorrow morning so I can go for another walk! Yippee!


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