Shih Tzus: Off Leash at the Park (Don’t Tell!)

We had a very special day playing at the park on Sunday! Mom and the Man often let Dottie and Candy walk themselves, because they are so good about not running off. Nigel and I get jealous. By the way, dogs aren’t really supposed to walk themselves because the signs say they can’t be off leash, but Mom says they aren’t really “off leash.” They are on a leash, but it’s just dragging on the ground sometime!

Well, this time, there were no other dogs and very few people, so first the Man dropped Nigel’s leash. Wouldn’t you know it!! He spotted a man and woman walking far away and decided to run to greet them. Mom had to chase after him.

Later, though, the Man was running with me and Candy and Dottie were chasing after me, and the Man dropped my leash! Wow! I got to run fast without anyone holding my leash! The Man was in front of us and Mom was in back, so in case we tried to pull any funny business.

Here we are running!

Dottie Shih Tzu running at park

Candy Shih Tzu running at the park.

Flower Shih Tzu running at the park.

Nigel Shih Tzu running at the park.


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Flower Shih Tzu

Hello everyone! We haven’t kept up with our blog, but Mom told me to talk about my life lately!

I have discovered several things I like — besides any kind of chicken treats! One, I love riding in the car on the walk to the park! Two, I love the crunchy things under my paws called leaves!

Most of all, I love sniffing everything! I think that life is good!

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