Shih Tzu Valentine’s Day 2013

Hi Y’all! Flower here! We are trying to help Mom keep our blog up to date, so I am taking my turn to update it.

Today was Valentine’s Day. We got a Valentine’s Day gift, but it wasn’t anything with hearts or anything. Mom told us what she could have got us. She could have got us Valentine’s Day dog biscuits, but she said that Dottie and Candy would turn up their little black noses (even more than they are already turned up!). She said she could have bought us stuffed animals, but we already have a ton, and only Nigel usually plays with them. She reminded me that I only play with them when I have pent-up energy, and I just shake them around for a few seconds and then drop them. So, what Mom did do was make us an extra big batch of homemade dog treats: chicken wrapped apples, which we love! We could smell them in the dehydrator all day, and we couldn’t wait to have some!

Mom said to make sure to talk about Aunt Candace. Aunt Candace is staying with us for a while. At one time, we wouldn’t have known what to do about that, but now, we’re getting used to people. I even came up to her while she sat on the couch today and let her pet me. She laughed and told Mom that I was playing with her for the first time. I guess I was.

We went for a Valentine’s Day walk with Aunt Candace and Mom. As usual, Mom held the flex leash for Nigel and Candace held mine for a while. Dottie and Candy’s leashes trailed on the ground. When we got behind Wal-Mart, Candy tried to race me again. She ran fast and I could have beat her, but Mom can’t run as fast as Candy, so she won again! She always wins! Mom keeps saying she is going to get me a longer leash, so I can race Candy better. I think that’s what she should have given me for Valentine’s Day!

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