Shih Tzu Valentine’s Day 2013

Hi Y’all! Flower here! We are try­ing to help Mom keep our blog up to date, so I am tak­ing my turn to update it.

Today was Valentine’s Day. We got a Valentine’s Day gift, but it wasn’t any­thing with hearts or any­thing. Mom told us what she could have got us. She could have got us Valentine’s Day dog bis­cuits, but she said that Dot­tie and Candy would turn up their lit­tle black noses (even more than they are already turned up!). She said she could have bought us stuffed ani­mals, but we already have a ton, and only Nigel usu­ally plays with them. She reminded me that I only play with them when I have pent-up energy, and I just shake them around for a few sec­onds and then drop them. So, what Mom did do was make us an extra big batch of home­made dog treats: chicken wrapped apples, which we love! We could smell them in the dehy­dra­tor all day, and we couldn’t wait to have some!

Mom said to make sure to talk about Aunt Can­dace. Aunt Can­dace is stay­ing with us for a while. At one time, we wouldn’t have known what to do about that, but now, we’re get­ting used to peo­ple. I even came up to her while she sat on the couch today and let her pet me. She laughed and told Mom that I was play­ing with her for the first time. I guess I was.

We went for a Valentine’s Day walk with Aunt Can­dace and Mom. As usual, Mom held the flex leash for Nigel and Can­dace held mine for a while. Dot­tie and Candy’s leashes trailed on the ground. When we got behind Wal-Mart, Candy tried to race me again. She ran fast and I could have beat her, but Mom can’t run as fast as Candy, so she won again! She always wins! Mom keeps say­ing she is going to get me a longer leash, so I can race Candy bet­ter. I think that’s what she should have given me for Valentine’s Day!

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