Nigel Shih Tzu’s Review on Orijen Freeze Dried Lamb Treats

Nigel Shih Tzu and Orijen dog treat bag

Nigel gets ready to review Orijen freeze dried lamb dog treats

Every once in a while, asks me if Dottie, Flower, Candy and Nigel would like to review any products. This time, our choices included some grain free dog biscuits and Orijen freeze dried dog treats. Nigel is the only one who will eat dog biscuits so I decided we would try the freeze dried dog treats.
First, let me say that I tend not to give the shih tzus treats made in China, so I was happy to see that Orijen’s ranch raised lamb freeze dried dog treats were made in Canada, the home of our dear friend Sadie Shih Tzu. Second, I don’t like long lists of ingredients, and the ingredients on this package include only boneless lamb, lamb liver and lamb tripe.
As for the review, I brought the opened bag over to the computer to get the information off of it. As usual, Nigel was sitting beside me on the couch. While I was typing, I realized that Nigel was intently sniffing at something. When I looked over, he was getting closer and closer to the bag. I thought his actions spoke for themselves, so here is Nigel’s review:

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