Shih Tzu Day 79: More Grooming for Dottie

Groom­ing Dot­tie for Her Party

groomingWe put Dot­tie up on the groom­ing table again this morn­ing. We have decided that we will do some groom­ing on one dog every other day, so that they get used to it, as Lia at the Gen­tle Groomer sug­gested. Dot­tie is get­ting two groom­ing turns this week, though, because tomor­row she turns 6, and we want her to look pretty for her “party.” John clipped her body and her toe­nails. Her groom­ing ses­sion went bet­ter today, since we weren’t touch­ing her face.

Check­ing up on Spot Collins and Panda

shih tzu on makeshift grooming tableIt has been a very quiet day. Ear­lier, I thought maybe Flower didn’t feel good. She ran up the stairs to get me as usual, and did her usual dance when wait­ing in antic­i­pa­tion for her food. But later, after we came inside, she just lay in her dog bed look­ing list­less. She seemed to be okay this after­noon, though.

I brought Candy up to sit with me on the couch while I talked to Mom on the phone (she jumped down as soon as she got a chance). Spot Collins, the 3-month old kit­ten we got her from the Den­ver Dumb Friends League, can’t come out of his ken­nel yet, because of the sutures from his neu­ter­ing oper­a­tion. Mom said that at 1:00 a.m., SC started screech­ing. When Mom and Buddy, her adopted dog, came to see what the prob­lem was, the screech­ing stopped. Spot will only be quiet if Buddy sits by her ken­nel. I don’t know if that means that she likes Buddy or that she is afraid of him. As for Panda, the 8-month old cat Mom adopted, Mom has fallen in love with her. All Panda wants to do is sit on Mom’s lap. Maybe later, after the shih tzus have accli­mated com­pletely, we’ll think about adopt­ing a cat.

A Dog Treat Taste Test Tie

shih tzu upside down in dog bedThe after­noon has been very quiet. Dot­tie lay down next to me while I worked on the com­puter most of the after­noon. Flower was a lit­tle antsy, com­ing to see me, then going to her couch, then going under the din­ing room table for awhile. Candy lay on the car­pet at my feet for some­time, chew­ing on a treat and look­ing cute.

I have been exper­i­ment­ing with rawhide and non-rawhide treats. I did a taste test, throw­ing out an equal amount of both on the car­pet and see­ing who would go for what. Candy went for the Grreat Choice Flips, that are flat, white rawhide treats. Flower seized a small Pork Chomps Mini Knotz. Ini­tially, Dot­tie just lay on the car­pet watch­ing them. When I looked again a lit­tle later, she was chew­ing on a Flip, so Candy must have given it up. There are always half-chewed treats lying on the floor, which they pick up ran­domly and chew on.

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