Shih Tzu Dog Fight

Well, it’s a new year. 2017! We haven’t kept up with our blog, but we’re going to try again! This morn­ing wasn’t a great morn­ing for us. Candy was her typ­i­cal self. She turned up her nose at her food, but Nigel and Dot­tie gob­bled theirs down. We never know how Flower is going to react to her food, and this morn­ing, she sat and guarded it for quite a while. I hon­estly don’t know what hap­pened next. I thought Candy was still guard­ing her food in the din­ing room, but sud­denly, fur was fly­ing. The female shih tzus all seemed to be gath­ered around Flower’s half-eaten dog food. Candy and Dot­tie were clamped onto each other’s faces, and Flower barked, going back and forth between the two of them. I ran toward them, shout­ing to stop, but the harder I tried to pull them away from each other, the more they ter­ror­ized each other. I finally picked Candy up and dumped her a few feet away, but she was back in a flash, once again clamp­ing her teeth on Dottie’s face, while Dot­tie bit back, and Flower con­tin­ued her wild dance.

Candy after dog fight.

Candy after dog fight.

My biggest con­cern was that Dot­tie was just get­ting over an eye infec­tion, with her final vet appoint­ment com­ing up tomor­row, and that this would set her back. When I finally got Candy shut up in the bath­room, I checked Dottie’s face. I saw blood, but I couldn’t tell if it was her’s. As I dabbed around her eye, it didn’t seem like it was her blood, so I put her in a dog bed and went to get Candy. She, too, had blood on her face. A closer look revealed a not-so-pretty cut below her eye. I cleaned it with eye­wash sev­eral times and blot­ted the blood. Then, I went to look for Flower. She didn’t seem to have been harmed. Who knows where Nigel was dur­ing the melee!

It’s hours later, and every­thing is calm. I still don’t know what hap­pened. I do know that Candy seems to be a lit­tle aggres­sive lately, espe­cially when she is next to me on the couch and one of the other dogs approaches. I have a few ques­tions for any­way who has had this expe­ri­ence. How do you keep these dog fights from hap­pen­ing? Once they do, what’s the best way to sep­a­rate three female shih tzus that are eat­ing each other’s faces?

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9 thoughts on “Shih Tzu Dog Fight

  1. Oh my! This sounds so trau­matic Di! Hope you’re all okay. If this is the first time its hap­pened I would be con­cerned about a sud­den change in behav­iour. I think a vet visit may be in order if you can iden­tify the ringleader.

    • When I first met the girls, they would hud­dle together, with Flower and Dot­tie in front, pro­tect­ing Candy, the lit­tlest one. She was always the shy one, stay­ing away from the action. Over the last year, though, she’s taken to sit­ting by me on the couch and growl­ing when any­way comes near me. I guess she’s being possessive!

  2. I wish I had advice, but I’m deal­ing with the same thing. I have two Shih Tzu girls that have started fight­ing within the past cou­ple months. They lived with each other for eigh­teen months and one of them decided to start fights with the other. Just this morn­ing there was another fight and I’m about at the end of my rope. I don’t want to get rid of one of them, but I want a peace­ful house­hold again. I’m hop­ing my vet will be able to tell me why this sud­denly hap­pened. Hope things are going well at your house. Keep us posted.

    • Iron­i­cally, since the fight I men­tioned, things have been back to nor­mal. How old are your shih tzus? Does it seem that they fight over food or some­thing else? Wish­ing you luck with your girls!

      • I’m glad things are back to nor­mal for you. My girls are 3 and 4. I’ve had the three year old since she was a puppy, but the 4 year old I got about eigh­teen months ago. Oddly enough, they don’t fight over food. I have six dogs (3 full blood Shih Tzu, 1 Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix, a terrier-type mutt, and a Chow Chow; all are female but the Chow) and meal time is actu­ally the qui­etest part of the day. I’m not sure why the fights started, but I think it was each one try­ing to get my atten­tion and now…I don’t know. I used to con­sider myself adept at dog behav­ior, but this just baf­fles me. I’m going to try two more things before one of them has to find a new home. Thanks for the luck. I need it. (PS Sorry if I replied twice.)

        • My hus­band and I really think that the fight our shih tzus had was because Candy, the small­est one, has been get­ting a lit­tle less timid and a lit­tle pos­ses­sive of me, so you might be right. Right before that, if she was sit­ting by me on the couch and one of the other dogs would walk up to the couch, she’d bark or growl at them. She still does some­times, but I’m glad there have been no more fights. I do try to watch them care­fully, just in case. I’d love to see a pic­ture of your six dogs! I thought we had a hand­ful! 😉 Please share what you’re going to try and if it works! P.S. I really have to be bet­ter at my blog­ging! I really enjoy com­mu­ni­cat­ing with other dog own­ers, like you!

          • As soon as I get some updated pic­tures of my dogs, I’ll post them on my blog and let you know ( I too need to get bet­ter at blog­ging. It’s my inten­tion to, but life some­times gets the bet­ter of me.

          • Just wanted to give you an update on my dogs. I ended up find­ing a home for her..actually, it was more of a home found her. I met a guy who wanted a Shih Tzu and was in the process of look­ing for one. What’s even cooler is the guy lives just down the street so I’ll get to see her on a reg­u­lar basis. I hate hav­ing to give her up, but I do believe that once she gets used to her new home and own­ers that she’ll love being where she is.

          • Thank you for let­ting me know! I’m glad to hear that and that you will still be able to see her! I look for­ward to hear­ing how she does in her new home!

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