Shih Tzu Doings: Candy and Nigel Tribal Dance

Hi, all! We are get­ting excited because of the spring weather. Candy, Nigel, and Flower all have short hair­cuts now. Nigel and Candy have a lot of energy, as you can tell from this video:

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Shih Tzu Day 118: Strange Shih Tzu Behavior

is that nor­mal shih tzu behavior?

a shih tzu on a brown blanket on a couch.Dot­tie didn’t start whin­ing until 7 a.m. That was an hour beyond when she started try­ing to wake me up yes­ter­day. I haven’t been let­ting the shih tzus in the bed­room, because of past acci­dents, but I decided to give them the ben­e­fit of a doubt. I left the bed­room door open while I brushed my teeth, and Flower ran into the room and started cir­cling. That was my cue to usher her out so she wouldn’t pee on the carpet.

Dot­tie, Flower, Nigel and I worked our way down the stairs towards the Candy Com­mit­tee. They did their morn­ing dance and I tried not to fall down the stairs while they did it. Dur­ing the next part of the rit­ual, while I was allow­ing Candy to bite my hand at the bot­tom of the stairs, Flower jumped up on the couch, which she some­times does in the mid­dle of her dance. But, instead of jump­ing right back down, she squat­ted. I had never seen her do that on the couch, but I knew what usu­ally came after squat­ting, so I hollered, “Flower!” and tried to get there on time. Too late. She left a big wet spot before she jumped back down. Sigh. Back to house­break­ing 101.


a shih tzu on squirrel alert. I had tow­els under the red blan­ket, just in case, but it went through every­thing. I took the cush­ions off, sprayed cleaner on them and put up a gate around the couch. Flower lost her couch per­mis­sions for the day. She can still come up on our couch, but I have to keep an eye on her.

John thought the prob­lem might have been the news­pa­pers I put down when I ran out of train­ing pads yes­ter­day. Candy and Dot­tie seemed okay with it, but I have noticed that Flower doesn’t do well with change. John said maybe she hadn’t yet asso­ci­ated the news­pa­per with where she is sup­posed to pee.


a squirrel in a backyard. One of the other shih tzus was act­ing odd today. While I was talk­ing to Dot­tie this morn­ing, she started flail­ing around on the couch. I could not see that any­thing was wrong with her. She was rub­bing her face against the blan­ket on the couch at first, and then against my side. I thought her ear might itch, so I tried to help her itch it. When I went to move my hand away, she lunged to bite it; not in an aggres­sive way, but play bites. I pet­ted her a while and then she set­tled down. Still not sure if she just wanted affection.

shih tzu squir­rel! alert again

three shih tzu puppies chase a squirrel.Candy has been alert­ing us to the squir­rel again. I assume it’s the same squir­rel, but maybe not.

Our own per­sonal squir­rel, Nigel, has been irri­tat­ing Candy and Flower today. They have been yapped at him a lot. I am going to have to start yap­ping at him too. I can’t wear socks any­more, because he insists on tak­ing them off my feet. My feet get cold, but I have to admit that his sock fetish is darned cute.

Nigel con­tin­ues to irri­tate Dot­tie. She leans in close to his face and growls at him when he comes to her side of the couch and puts his paws up on it. I am afraid she might hurt him, so when she did it ear­lier, I went to move her back and him away and man­aged to knock my cof­fee over onto the couch. Well, at least the red blan­ket will have a com­pan­ion in the wash­ing machine.

Nigel irri­tates Candy the least, I guess. She didn’t push him out when he went to lay in her dog bed with her today. It was a very cute sight.

some­thing good

a male and female shih tzu lying on a pink dog bed. I have this bad habit of for­get­ting to refill the shih tzus’ water bowls late in the day. Today, after I filled one of the bowls up, I went to put it down and two of the shih tzus excit­edly ran over to it. John laughed and said they thought they were get­ting “some­thing good.” When I sat the bowl down, though, they started lap­ping up the water. I told John it was “some­thing good” after all. All that play makes the shih tzu quar­tet thirsty.

shih tzu beggars

Sorry to say, our shih tzus are offi­cially beg­gars. Flower in par­tic­u­lar jumps up on the couch at any hint/smell of food. Tonight it was Car­roll Shelby chili, how­ever, so I didn’t share.

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Shih Tzu Day 49: Laughter is the Best Medicine

Flower’s Fix­a­tion

Mom says we look like the Billy Goats Gruff. Must be before our time!I am not the main attrac­tion any longer when the shih tzus come upstairs in the morn­ing. Dot­tie and Flower come to my side and do the usual rou­tine, with Dot­tie bark­ing maybe a few times and then whin­ing and Flower bark­ing, both of them scratch­ing at the bed, to try to get me to acknowl­edge them.

Look at this face. How could I do anything bad?You take the head, I'll take the legs, and pull real hard!Now, how­ever, Flower stays on my side for a minute or so and then runs to John’s side of the bed, bark­ing like crazy. He puts his hand down, and instead of the small bites they give me, she backs up, charges towards him, nips at his hand and does it all again … and again and again. After vis­it­ing that side of the bed, how­ever, she seems a lit­tle more aggres­sive with her nips when she comes back to me. I have to keep telling her to be gen­tle. I am not sure what that behav­ior means.

Dot­tie fol­lows Flower to that side of the bed some­times, or else she just sits qui­etly and waits for me.


I'll save you! Candy made the trip up the stairs this morn­ing again. Her sis­ters tend to push each other around, but push her around even more, so she stays at the back while they are scratch­ing at the bed and vying for atten­tion. When I peeked over the side, Candy got up on her back legs and excit­edly waved her paws in the air, like a danc­ing bear. I don’t like being woken up this early in the morn­ing, but I can’t help but laugh, and, what do they say? Laugh­ter is the best medicine.

Muddy Bud­dies

The shih tzus def­i­nitely get dirt­ier now that we have opened up the yard to them.The grass is wet a lot of the time, so when they come in, their paws are muddy. It’s def­i­nitely time to give the car­pets and hard wood floors a big cleaning!

Quiet Time

I heard the bag crinkle, and that means treats, right?The girls were quiet for most of the day. Flower spent a lot of time chew­ing on her fire­men. She man­gled two of them pretty badly. I am con­sid­er­ing going back and get­ting her the police­men and the mil­i­tary men, but it might not be socially accept­able for them to maul them, plus I still am not sure if the small pieces of plas­tic Flower swal­lows are very bad for her. I do throw away the parts after she dis­en­gages them from the bodies.

Dot­tie sat with me on the couch for quite a while. She seems to be con­tent just to lie or sit there while I work on the computer.

Did Shiloh Teach You That?

I don't know who Einstein is, so how could I look like her?I heard a com­mo­tion ear­lier today and looked up to see Candy and Flower play fight­ing. Well, they were play fight­ing, but it wasn’t like the other day. What Candy was doing was pretty funny, but I don’t know if it is normal.

She had Flower pinned to the ground and she had her head between Flower’s legs. Then, she jumped up, and some­how, Candy posi­tioned her­self where she was sit­ting on her face and made the strangest gyra­tions. I don’t know how to read up on that to see what it’s sup­posed to mean! I do know that Shiloh exhib­ited sim­i­lar sex­ual behav­ior to both Flower and Candy, and those advances looked like that, so maybe Candy thinks it’s just another way to play. And, I tend to for­get that they were puppy mill moms. Hmmm. It is hilar­i­ous to watch them.


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Shih Tzu Day 27: The Shih Tzu is a Siren

You want me to do what?

shih tzu vote for Fromm chicken

This food takes like candy!Bright and early this morn­ing, after we had gone out­side, we fed the shih tzu sis­ters and Shiloh their reg­u­lar food. Then, we brought out the sam­ple Fromm food (chicken) I got at Paws n Play. I have been hear­ing a lot lately about dogs need­ing food with higher pro­tein con­tent, and Fromm was one of the brands some­one had highly rec­om­mended. John hand-fed them the pieces, and all of them eagerly took it.

After we came in, Flower stretched out on the floor in front of me, as Dot­tie lay beside me, even with John on the couch! The shih tzus def­i­nitely are get­ting more com­fort­able, although some days we seem to go back a few steps.

Shiloh and the shih tzu Siren

Come up and see me some time. Flower and Shiloh enter­tained us before John left for work. I have been try­ing to keep these two dogs away from each other, since there seems to be a lot of growl­ing when Shiloh and this par­tic­u­lar shih tzu are in close prox­im­ity. How­ever, this morn­ing, John said he thought they might be play­ing, so I didn’t sep­a­rate them.I have you eating out of the palm of my paw.

As I watched, I real­ized that, at least this time, Shiloh wasn’t egging on Flower. The shih tzu would ten­ta­tively approach him, sniff him, and then back away. Maybe Shiloh hadn’t been both­er­ing her. In fact, I think she had decided she liked the attention!

Flower has a boy toy!” I teased. “I saw you go up to him. Are you flirt­ing with him, or are you pick­ing a fight!”Nice — tags!

It started to make sense — those May­belline eye­lashes! That “come hither!” atti­tude. Oh, yes! This shih tzu was being coquet­tish. Had she been that way at the puppy mill? No, of course not. But had she lived another life before this, she would have been. At one point, she made me think of Mae West, and I laughed more.

I'm a lady, not a tramp!Now, with Shiloh stand­ing at atten­tion, Flower tried to growl fiercely. It was hard to really take this shih tzu seri­ously as a dan­ger­ous ani­mal. As I watched the puppy play, Flower would run up to him, nudge him and then scram­ble across the floor to safety, with Shiloh tear­ing after her. At times, she would jump up on her couch, look­ing adorable on the red blan­ket, and Shiloh would leap up after her. Then, they were off in a new direction.My hair gets wild after heavy petting.

Sev­eral min­utes later, Shiloh made a ges­ture that made me real­ize that he didn’t want to be “just friends.” No, not at all. She wanted flir­ta­tious dog play, but he was look­ing for action. I scolded him then and told him to get off of her. He did, and Flower con­tin­ued giv­ing him the runaround.

The play con­tin­ued. I was equally sur­prised when lit­tle sis­ter Candy trot­ted out from their cor­ner, jumped on Shiloh and got in the mid­dle of the fray. Girls will be girls, and boys will love it.

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