Shih Tzu Week 44: April 26 (Day 302) – May 2 (Day 308), 2012

Shih Tzu Day 302: April 26 (Thursday)

Shih tzu with red stuffed animal.Flower has still been sit­ting on her couch a lot, mainly, I think, because Dot­tie is mean to her. They were squab­bling tonight and it was really get­ting on my nerves. It’s just like hav­ing bratty, lit­tle kids sometimes.

Every time Nigel comes up to the couch, he drags up a toy or treat with him. He’s the only one who seems to love toys.

Shih Tzu Day 303: April 27 (Friday)

I went to pick up Dot­tie today and Flower growled her dis­ap­proval. Her bark is def­i­nitely worth than her bite.

Shih Tzu Day 304: April 28 (Saturday)

Nigel Shih Tzu asks Candy Shih Tzu to share her birthday presents. I made chicken jerky for Candy’s birth­day, which is Mon­day. We took Flower for a walk again behind the Wal-Mart. I thought she was secure in her har­ness, but she pulled out of it again. This time, I just sat down on the grass and put my hand out, with cheese in it. She came up to me and I grabbed her col­lar. The next time I attempt to take her for a walk, I am going to put a leash on her col­lar and one on her harness.

Shih Tzu Day 305: April 29 (Sunday)

Flower Shih Tzu in her camouflage peace skirt. Flower is such a funny, lit­tle thing. Today, she was lying on her back, wag­ging her front paws at me. I was try­ing to work on the com­puter, so I didn’t stop to pet her, but when I looked again, she wagged her paws again. I finally gave up and gave her some pet­ting time.

Shih Tzu Day 306: April 30 (Monday)

Happy 3rd Birth­day, Candy!

Today is Candy’s third birth­day! We cel­e­brated with the chicken jerky I made over the week­end and the Frosty Paws that was left­over from Flower’s. I also made dog and peo­ple treats again this morn­ing. I dehy­drated some diced apples for John for oat­meal, and I made more chicken and apple and chicken and sweet potato treats. Candy didn’t eat the Frosty Paws, but the other three loved it. They all love the other treats.

A shih tzu with her face in a cup.Of course, Candy, Flower and Dot­tie didn’t want to wear the birth­day crowns, but they had to wear it long enough for pic­tures. The peace sign top and skirt I bought her (Ross Dress for Less) was too big, so I passed the out­fit on to Flower. I thought they could be twins and I found a size small, but that was too small. I ended up putting her in the Girly Girl dress I had bought Flower.

Shih Tzu Day 307: May 1 (Tuesday)

Rest­less Shih Tzus

I made up a batch of Sadie Shih Tzu food. It doesn’t last long with four shih tzus. I dragged out my old Food­Saver unit to seal the indi­vid­ual bags. When I came back into the liv­ing room, Flower was lying on her couch, with her front paws hang­ing over, watch­ing over every­one, and wag­ging her tail. She has so much char­ac­ter. All four of the shih tzus got rest­less later and started wan­der­ing around. I don’t know how they can be bored, when they should be able to just play with each other. Since they do get bored though, it would be great if I could just hand them some col­or­ing books to keep them busy.

They have a big back­yard and lots of toys. They aren’t to the point where they like walks, so I know that’s not what they want. My guess is when they start wan­der­ing around, they are look­ing for food, but I can’t feed them all day. I did hold Candy for a while, because she looked like she wanted some loving.

Shih Tzu Day 308: May 2 (Wednesday)

Dog food storage

I was dis­ap­pointed that there was ice inside the dog food bags I froze, so I decided to invest in a new unit. I cut open the bag of dog food and rinsed the ice away so I could try again. My unit was prob­a­bly seven years old, so I would imag­ine tech­nol­ogy is bet­ter these days. When I read the instruc­tions on the new unit though, I real­ized one thing I did wrong. They advise that you freeze “wet” food first, and then vac­uum seal it, so I will try that next time.

Flower is being ornery again today. Dot­tie came up to the couch for me to help her up, and Flower growled at her. I guess turn­about is fair play. Dot­tie always sounds more seri­ous when she growls.

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6 thoughts on “Shih Tzu Week 44: April 26 (Day 302) – May 2 (Day 308), 2012

    • They absolutely love it! I always give them some kib­ble on top, and I haven’t found the per­fect one yet, but they love the Sadie food. I am so glad I finally tried it. The wild meat is so expen­sive here, so I have to limit the bison. I think it’s about $7 per pound. Some­times I splurge and throw in one pound, but mostly I use lean ground beef and the major­ity is turkey. Turkey is on sale this week at Sun­flower Mar­ket for $1.99 per pound, so I’ll stock up on it. What would you think about adding black­ber­ries? They are on sale this week too.

      • I’ve never tried black­ber­ries in the recipe although many times I con­sid­ered it because they sat right next to the blue­ber­ries in the freezer at the organic store. I never did though because I’d never seen them used in con­ven­tional dog food. I guess I just should have Googled if it’s ok for dogs. My under­stand­ing was that blue­ber­ries were more of a whole food. But who knows?

    • Hi Liz! I looked at the site and it looks great. I am actu­ally enjoy­ing my kitchen time. I never cooked a lot period, but since my new diet is a lit­tle restric­tive, I like find­ing new recipes, and using new gad­gets. There is some­thing fun about dump­ing all of those ingre­di­ents, espe­cially once you add the blue­ber­ries, into a gigan­tic bowl, and mix­ing it up. Also, I bought some meat loaf pans I really think are cool, so it feels very Betty Crocker for Dogs to stick all the food in them and line them up in the oven. Once I have been doing it for years, like you have, I will prob­a­bly be ready for a change. 😉

      • Oh I totally hear you! I don’t cook much either so I felt like this crazy home­maker dog mamma when I was mix­ing up the giant vat of Sadie food.

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