Shih tzu Day Day 178: Christmas Eve

prepar­ing the shih tzus’ Christ­mas stockings

a female <strong srcset=shih tzu chewing on a steer stick. " width="300" height="225" />Flower or Candy woke us up at 3 a.m. bark­ing. John went down twice, but couldn’t tell what was going on. Candy was roam­ing around and scur­ried away. It might have been that she saw a mouse, a cat out­side or was just bark­ing at the falling snow. I finally gave up and got up at 4, fed them, and went back to sleep until 7, when Dot­tie started whining.

I came down­stairs, fed the shih tzus and wrapped a few presents. The female shih tzus sat at shih tzu Cen­tral and just watched me, won­der­ing what I was doing and why I wasn’t sit­ting on the couch. I also put the dogs’ names on their Christ­mas stock­ings with glit­ter. I had no idea how long it took the glit­ter to dry. The back of the pack­age said 30 min­utes, but it took a lot longer than that. I prob­a­bly put it on too thick. 

a <u srcset=shih tzu on a red and white dog bed." width="300" height="199" />I couldn’t fig­ure out what to do with their col­lars and tags, but John fig­ured out to put them around the mid­dle of the stock­ing instead of the top. I bought the shih tzus stuffed ani­mals from the Dol­lar Tree. I don’t like to spend too much money on their stuffed ani­mals, because I rarely see the shih tzus play­ing with them. I know they do play with them at times, because I will find them on the porch or on the couch. I also bought them some treats from the Dol­lar Tree and some from Petco. I bought a vari­ety of Christ­mas shaped rawhide treats from the rawhide treat bar. I also got them some bones from King Soop­ers’ meat department.

a female <strong srcset=shih tzu chewing on a steer stick. " width="300" height="225" />John, my mom and I nor­mally spend Christ­mas eve with my niece and her fam­ily, but since they moved to North Dakota this year, we cel­e­brated Christ­mas with my mother this after­noon at a Mex­i­can restau­rant near her house. When I started look­ing for Mon­ster High dolls for the grand­chil­dren, I started pick­ing extras up and sell­ing them on eBay and Craigslist, so I deliv­ered some of those before we came home.

a female <u srcset=shih tzu holding a steer stick. " width="300" height="225" />We spent a few hours with the shih tzus and then went out again. We did some last minute shop­ping, drove through some of the areas that are the most dec­o­rated for Christ­mas and stopped for a ham­burger before going home and spend­ing the rest of the evening with the shih tzus. I gave the shih tzus some steer sticks to keep them happy and busy while we watched TV.

I know they won’t be excited about their Christ­mas stock­ings, but I am. I love the fact that these four lit­tle shih tzus are part of our life and that we are spend­ing our first Christ­mas with them. I know that the girls prob­a­bly don’t have any mem­ory of their life at the puppy mill, or Nigel of his before he turned up at an ani­mal shel­ter, but I am glad we have been able to give them all a new life.

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2 thoughts on “Shih tzu Day Day 178: Christmas Eve

  1. Yummy presents !! We also had a great christ­mas party !! Santa brought us lots of stuffed toys, I got a giant spi­der and Lily got a weird look­ing lizard (which looks just like her). And then there was a winnie-the-pooh bear and his friends eey­ore and piglet ! But no, my lit­tle friends, no snow yet in the fore­cast for our lit­tle village … :-((

    • Your gifts sound fun. Your stuffed ani­mals prob­a­bly get a lot more use than the ones at our house! They mainly lie around, but some­times they mys­te­ri­ously move.

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