Shih tzu Day Day 178: Christmas Eve

preparing the shih tzus’ Christmas stockings

a female <strong srcset=shih tzu chewing on a steer stick. ” width=”300″ height=”225″ />Flower or Candy woke us up at 3 a.m. barking. John went down twice, but couldn’t tell what was going on. Candy was roaming around and scurried away. It might have been that she saw a mouse, a cat outside or was just barking at the falling snow. I finally gave up and got up at 4, fed them, and went back to sleep until 7, when Dottie started whining.

I came downstairs, fed the shih tzus and wrapped a few presents. The female shih tzus sat at shih tzu Central and just watched me, wondering what I was doing and why I wasn’t sitting on the couch. I also put the dogs’ names on their Christmas stockings with glitter. I had no idea how long it took the glitter to dry. The back of the package said 30 minutes, but it took a lot longer than that. I probably put it on too thick. 

a <u srcset=shih tzu on a red and white dog bed.” width=”300″ height=”199″ />I couldn’t figure out what to do with their collars and tags, but John figured out to put them around the middle of the stocking instead of the top. I bought the shih tzus stuffed animals from the Dollar Tree. I don’t like to spend too much money on their stuffed animals, because I rarely see the shih tzus playing with them. I know they do play with them at times, because I will find them on the porch or on the couch. I also bought them some treats from the Dollar Tree and some from Petco. I bought a variety of Christmas shaped rawhide treats from the rawhide treat bar. I also got them some bones from King Soopers’ meat department.

a female <strong srcset=shih tzu chewing on a steer stick. ” width=”300″ height=”225″ />John, my mom and I normally spend Christmas eve with my niece and her family, but since they moved to North Dakota this year, we celebrated Christmas with my mother this afternoon at a Mexican restaurant near her house. When I started looking for Monster High dolls for the grandchildren, I started picking extras up and selling them on eBay and Craigslist, so I delivered some of those before we came home.

a female <u srcset=shih tzu holding a steer stick. ” width=”300″ height=”225″ />We spent a few hours with the shih tzus and then went out again. We did some last minute shopping, drove through some of the areas that are the most decorated for Christmas and stopped for a hamburger before going home and spending the rest of the evening with the shih tzus. I gave the shih tzus some steer sticks to keep them happy and busy while we watched TV.

I know they won’t be excited about their Christmas stockings, but I am. I love the fact that these four little shih tzus are part of our life and that we are spending our first Christmas with them. I know that the girls probably don’t have any memory of their life at the puppy mill, or Nigel of his before he turned up at an animal shelter, but I am glad we have been able to give them all a new life.

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