Shih Tz Prelude: Approved as Pet Foster Parents

Pet Foster Parent Approval

Delores emailed me this afternoon. She said that she would agree to us being foster parents to Dottie, Candy and Flower, on behalf of BFF Rescue, if that’s what we wanted to do. She said that the shih tzus were very sweet and just needed a chance and a loving home. She mentioned again her concern about Flower needing to move to a place where she wouldn’t be so afraid.

We had no children or teenagers at home and no other dogs. For the most part, our foster dogs would be in a calm atmosphere, except when the grandchildren descended on the house. I knew that we could offer Dottie, Candy and Flower shelter in the downstairs bathroom during those times, if it became necessary.

Delores said that since we would be foster parents, initially at least, she would send their playpen and dog beds with them. They would also supply food. She wanted me to know that foster parents usually had a short time to decide if they wanted to adopt a pet, if they thought that might be an option. If they did not want to adopt, the rescue would continue searching for a good, suitable home for them. I told Delores it wouldn’t take very long for us to decide.Delores said that because of their issues she worried that the dogs might bond with us, and that it would be hard on them to move on to another home.

I told John about the fostering idea, and he agreed that he felt better starting out that way. He also agreed to go with me to see the shih tzu sisters at 8 tomorrow morning.

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