Shih Tzu Day 84: Mommy, Come and Play!

shih tzu a.m.

two shih tzus on a couchI don’t usu­ally eat cereal for break­fast, but I have had Frosted Mini Wheats the last few days. Flower always jumps up on the couch to see what I am eat­ing and if she can talk me out of any. I know I should dis­cour­age this, but it’s tough. I gave her half of a mini wheat. She stayed on the couch with me for a while. I was busy updat­ing our blog, but I real­ized that the shih tzus were wait­ing for some time with me, so I stopped and gave them some attention.

shih tzu afternoon

shih tzu on a blue and grey dog bedAfter the shih tzus had their early after­noon treat, Flower and Dot­tie came in with me, but, as usual, Candy, our inde­pen­dent shih tzu, stayed out­side. She sat on the porch steps for awhile, and then went and sat by the trailer. I don’t know why she is such a loner. I’m glad she likes it out­side though. I wish Dot­tie and Flower would stay out more, because they get so bored inside.

I had some left­over pasta for lunch. Dot­tie was already sit­ting by me, but the smell of food brought Flower run­ning. I gave them a few small pieces, but Candy stayed in Shih Tzu Cen­tral. Flower sat on the couch with us for a while before jump­ing down to find some­thing more excited to do, like lying on her dog bed star­ing at us.

two shih tzus on a colorful blanketDot­tie went back and forth between Shih Tzu Cen­tral and the couch all after­noon. At one point, she came up and rubbed her head against my feet and legs. Flower and Candy saw what she was doing, and came run­ning. Dot­tie and Flower ket nudg­ing my legs until I pushed my com­puter stand away and got down on the floor with them. After play­ing a lit­tle, I gave them one of their den­tal treats. I hoped they’d chew on them for a while, but they gob­bled them down quickly.


shih tzu near dog gateDelores at BFF Res­cue emailed me and told me that, once again the ani­mal res­cue had more dogs than dog fos­ter par­ents for them. She told me that she is get­ting a dog named Nigel in next week. She said that she thought Nigel was 2 years old, and that some­one dropped him off at a Mis­souri shel­ter with pneu­mo­nia. He was in the ICU for five days then went to a fos­ter home there. She said Nigel was only 9 pounds and very thin. I told her that if she needed us to take him as a fos­ter dog, we would until she found a more per­ma­nent fos­ter home or some­one to adopt him.

A few hours after I talked to her, one of my friends saw some pic­tures I posted on Face­book of Dottie’s birth­day party. She said that a friend had a shih tzu and she really wanted one. She asked me if there was a shih tzu res­cue in Col­orado. I told her about the Col­orado Shih Tzu Mal­tese Res­cue. I told her that their adop­tion fee is $300, but also told her about BFF Res­cue and that they have a lower adop­tion fee: $175 ver­sus $300.

I told her about Nigel and that BFF Res­cue gets other shih tzus in from time to time. How­ever, she is like I was at first. She wants a dog under a year who is house­bro­ken, healthy and has no big issues. I told her that might be a lit­tle harder to do. I also told her that our girls were def­i­nitely prob­lem chil­dren when we got them, but we had worked out some of the kinks.

Candy and the couch

Itwo shih tzus on a couchn my cam­paign to get Candy to be one of the couch dogs, I picked her up Candy and put her between John and me after we fin­ished eat­ing. She stayed there for prob­a­bly 20 min­utes and then jumped down. How­ever, about five min­utes later, she came towards the couch; I thought she looked like she was think­ing about jump­ing, and I held my breath. Then, she jumped up! Except for the day when a noise scared her weeks ago, this is the first time she jumped up on the couch with us on it. She lay down between me and Dot­tie and stayed for prob­a­bly another half hour. I don’t think Dot­tie knew what to do ini­tially. She tried to sit on her when Candy first lay down, and then lay down next to her.

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