Shih Tzu Day 81: People Visitors Again!

Kib­ble Scav­enger Hunt

Last night before we went to bed, we rolled up the liv­ing room rug to pre­vent any­one pee­ing on it dur­ing the night. When I came down­stairs this morn­ing, there were three spots all in a row on the two train­ing pads I placed together. Some­one who has never had three dogs with train­ing issues won’t under­stand how happy that made me.

shih tzu in child's lapEver since the shih tzu sis­ters have come to live with us, I have had to keep Flower from gob­bling down her food and then scur­ry­ing to Candy or Dottie’s bowl to help them eat there. I recently started giv­ing them a lit­tle less kib­ble in their bowls, and I take what I keep out and give it to them later. When Flower is done, I give her one or two pieces at a time, to make her eat slower. When they are all done, I sprin­kle kib­ble bits near them, like food scav­enger hunt. It keeps them busy. I just have to make sure they all find equal amounts.

Human Birth­day Party

child trying to give shih tzus treatsWe had a birth­day party for our grand­daugh­ter, Rema, this after­noon, so Dot­tie, Candy and Flower had to put up with nine vis­i­tors: Rema and her four sis­ters; Leti­cia, their mom; and Gabe, his girl­friend Crys­tal and her daugh­ter, Avi.

I sent the dogs out­side when every­one first showed up, and we put their plas­tic gate back in their cor­ner so they could feel secure behind it. When I let the dogs back in, Flower and Candy went straight to Shih Tzu Cen­tral, but Dot­tie seemed con­fused. Rema, Junior and one of the other chil­dren were sit­ting on the couch where Dot­tie and I always sit. Dot­tie was ner­vous, and jumped up, try­ing to sit on Rema’s lap. Rema thought she did it because Rema held her on the way back from the groom­ing class last month, but I think it was prob­a­bly that Rema was sit­ting where I usu­ally sit, and Dot­tie just got con­fused. I think that because her move­ments were kind of like the time that John did some­thing that scared the dogs and they all jumped up on the couch.

shih tzu watches child give treat to other shih tzuAfter every­one had been at the house for a few hours, I ush­ered the dogs back out­side and gave Rema treats to feed them. Flower and Dot­tie took one, but Candy kept her dis­tance. Later on, I told Ori­ana to go inside their gate with treats. She was very timid and they wouldn’t respond to her, so I asked Evita to try. Flower and Dot­tie took a small treat from her, but Candy wouldn’t.

Com­pared to how the dogs reacted the first time the chil­dren and grand­chil­dren came over, I think shih tzus have come quite a way. I don’t recall any of the dogs growl­ing at any of our vis­i­tors, so that’s a big improvement.

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Shih Tzu Day 53: Happy Birthday, Dad

Swim Day with Grandpa J

If I sit really still, the visitors will think I'm a shoe and leave me alone. Dot­tie, Flower and Candy The dogs were home alone a lot today. It is John’s birth­day, and instead of a typ­i­cal birth­day present, I gath­ered coupons for free birth­day meals. We started out the day by going to IHOP for break­fast. We came home and spent a few hours with the girls before going back out for lunch at Noodles.

While we were at lunch, Leti­cia and her chil­dren and Gabe, Crys­tal and Avi arrived at the com­mu­nity pool. We told them we’d come by later with our cam­era, because I wanted to get pool pics of all the kids. We had a pool party for John’s birth­day last year, but then, we both swam. We didn’t feel like get­ting wet this year.

Do we really have to have visitors?I knew that Flower, Dot­tie and Candy wouldn’t like the grand­chil­dren to raid their house after the pool party, so I told every­one we would set up the ping pong table out­side and visit out there. How­ever, they wanted to come inside and say hi to the dogs. As soon as they came in, Candy ran upstairs to hide.I found her later hid­ing in John’s side of the closet. She must have thought she’d look like a shoe and would go unno­ticed. It reminded me of a famous scene from “ET,” where ET hides in the closet. As for Flower and Dot­tie, they stayed in their cor­ner, growl­ing their unwelcome.

Is he going to pull another treat out of that bag or not?After every­one left, we gave the girls some pri­vacy. I had one more phase left of my birth­day present to John, which was din­ner out at Mac­a­roni Grill. When we came home, we took the girls out­side for their night­time treat and romp in the grass, before set­tling down on the couch, with Dot­tie beside me, to watch a few episodes of The Dog Whisperer.

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Shih Tzu Day 43: Dog Grooming Class Finale

final day of dog groom­ing class

Dot­tie sat on my lap when I went to pick up Rema and Ori­ana for tonight’s dog groom­ing class. She didn’t seem very ner­vous. Candy prob­a­bly won­dered why I didn’t load Flower up in the back with her. I guess Flower did get her way, after all, since she didn’t have to go to dog groom­ing class with me.

The girls were enthralled with Lia’s Gen­tle Groomer shop, espe­cially the fact that she had an indoor bird and chick­ens out back, includ­ing show chickens.

I'm not Flower, but she is my sister, and I can act like her!Lia started out the night’s dog groom­ing class ses­sion by clip­ping Dot­tie fur­ther, then using scis­sors for her face, pads of feet, paws and all over her body. I had a more dif­fi­cult time with Candy, of course. I wasn’t firm enough, so Lia ended up doing a lot for me dur­ing dog groom­ing class. When­ever Candy would act up, she would address her firmly, and Candy would be sub­mis­sive for a while. I actu­ally think she liked Lia’s groom­ing tech­niques. First, she got some dis­ci­pline, but Lia also played with her, show­ing me how to rub her face affec­tion­ately and how to praise her for being good. I did end up trim­ming her paws, her back and her ears.

Let's see. I think Flower flipped off the table over here...Rema was my dog groom­ing school video­g­ra­pher for a while, while Ori­ana talked to Lia’s hus­band about books and inter­ests. Ori­ana took over later. When we fin­ished the dog groom­ing course, I felt con­fi­dent in many ways. One thing I am still uneasy about is get­ting the hair out between the pads of their feet. I am also not yet com­fort­able with clip­ping between their eyes, but I’ll work on it. John and I need to look at the videos a few times, and hope­fully, we’ll do a good job work­ing on them together.

I asked Rema to carry Dot­tie out to the car for me after the groom­ing class, so I wouldn’t have to come back and get Candy. She was reluc­tant, since DottAre we about done?ie has growled at her before. Lia showed her how Are we done with grooming for a while?to carry her, and Dot­tie refrained from growl­ing. This time, I let Rema hold her on her lap. I took Rema and Ori to Dairy Queen for help­ing me. I put Dot­tie in the ken­nel with Candy while they ate their ice cream.

When we got home, Candy sur­prised me by being more socia­ble than usual. John was already home. He informed me that Flower had pooped on the stairs when he came in. I’m sure she was afraid because I wasn’t there. That’s prob­a­bly the first time she was in the house with John with­out me there.

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Shih Tzu Day 25: Unsociable Shih Tzus

har­mo­nious shih tzus

All the shih tzus came up to get me this morn­ing. Waldo (one of my nick­names for Shiloh) stood by while they danced, until we went into the kitchen, and then he par­tic­i­pated in a mild fash­ion. I think he’s get­ting tired of me telling him not to scratch my legs.

John didn’t come down with me, since we had stayed up late last night with our vis­i­tors, Nikki and Clarke, watch­ing music videos. After the shih tzus and I came in from their out­door break­fast, they acted like they wanted to play again, instead of going right back to their cor­ner, like they usu­ally do.

But, com­pany and a house­ful of dogs have been slow­ing me down, and I needed to do a lit­tle work. I set­tled on the couch with my lap­top, let­ting Dot­tie up when she put her paws up on the couch for assis­tance. Flower lay down on the floor by my feet. I thought Candy was back in their safe zone, but then I real­ized she was sit­ting in front of my feet, chew­ing on a Pork Chomp, but the lap­top was block­ing me from see­ing her. When­ever I’d look at Flower, her tail would wag. The har­mony and con­tent­ment made me happy. As for Shiloh, it made him bored and he bounded back upstairs.

Dot­tie Takes Her Sec­ond Car Ride in the Jeep

We again put Shiloh in the ken­nel before we went to pick up mom for break­fast in Boul­der. We had to come back home and get Nikki and Clarke so I decided to take Dot­tie with us for the fifteen-minute car ride. She shook in the Jeep at first, but oth­er­wise did good.Dottie on her second car ride

Our break­fast took more time than we thought it would, so we instructed my step­daugh­ter Leti­cia to have the chil­dren change into their swim­suits and swim for a while before we got there. Gabe drove up with Crys­tal and her daugh­ter, Avi, when we were leav­ing to go to the store for lunch fix­ings, so we told him to go on in.

When we got back, the shih tzus were all hud­dled in their cor­ner. I moved every­one to the garage, where we were going to eat, so they could have a lit­tle peace. Nikki and Clarke decided they were going to get on the road before lunch, so they said their good­byes to us and Shiloh, leav­ing the shih tzus with two less peo­ple to watch warily.

I thought the shih tzus might be a lit­tle more com­fort­able with peo­ple, so I told Evita to come and say hi. How­ever, Dot­tie growled at her, so I warned them that they should say their hel­los from a distance.

Shiloh Takes a Walk — or Twenty

After we ate, we brought Shiloh out on his leash, and I brought Dot­tie out­side to sit with me for awhile while peo­ple took turns play­ing ping ping and rid­ing our bikes. Rema, Ori­ana, Evita, Dul­cea and Avi took turns tak­ing Shiloh for walks. Shiloh loved the atten­tion and the walks.

Our granddaughter, Dulcea, walks ShilohThings didn’t go per­fectly with Shiloh, how­ever. He did growl at a cou­ple of the kids, so we kept an eye on him. He also growled and barked at the neighbor’s dog when it walked by. Shiloh growled at the neighbor’s big dog, hair stand­ing up. He is a great dog, but I think he def­i­nitely needs a watch­ful eye on him.

They’re Gone!

Once every­one left, the ewoks emerged from their cor­ner. True, we lured them out with treats, which John fed them. The shih tzus will prob­a­bly be very happy to know that they will be vis­i­tor free at least until next week­end, when the kids and grand­chil­dren descend on the house again.

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Shih Tzu Day 7: The Doggy Circus is in Town

You'd be having a bad hair day too!The shih tzu sis­ters have been doing great. We had Leti­cia and the grand­chil­dren over all day Sun­day. The dogs weren’t thrilled, but they didn’t seem traumatized.

We ate out­side in the garage and let the chil­dren come in one by one to meet them. They behaved when Rema, Junior and Evita came in to meet them. They even came out into the room when Ori­ana was inside, but Flower did growl at Dulcea.

We were afraid how they would react badly to the Fourth of July activ­i­ties, but they came through with fly­ing col­ors. We tried to get them to go out­side to do their busi­ness early in the evening, but fire­works went off and they scur­ried back inside. After that, we stayed inside and watched movies. They han­dled the gun­shots and loud noises from “The Mechanic” well, so action movies shouldn’t be a prob­lem. I think the noise on the TV blended in with the fire­works out­side, so they were fine.

I saw you hide the chicken jerky!Candy did a lit­tle dance across the car­pet last night that was adorable. I don’t know what it meant, but she sure is enter­tain­ing. They all dance around when I come down­stairs in the morn­ing, although they get seri­ous when John appears. I know they will warm up to him, as soon as they real­ize he won’t hurt them.

When they con­tinue to be most excited, how­ever, is when they hear the Milo’s Kitchen bag rat­tling. Flower jumps around like a danc­ing horse and they all rush me. I’m not sure if that’s accept­able behav­ior, but I pre­fer them to be ram­bunc­tious over shak­ing in the cor­ner of their exer­cise pen.

Don't even think you can jump higher than I can!Candy is pretty good about going out­side will­ingly, but the other two still think they should do their busi­ness in the pen or on the car­pet. I bought some train­ing pads for them, but as soon as I put one down, Flower began wrestling with it.



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