Shih Tzu Day 125: Another Rowdy Shih Tzu Day

ener­getic shih tzus

a <strong srcset=shih tzu on her back on animal print blanket" width="200" height="150" />The shih tzus had a lot of energy today. Nigel was being a lit­tle too rowdy with the girls ear­lier. He kept going to Shih Tzu Cen­tral and pick­ing fights with the shih tzu sis­ters. I couldn’t tell if they were OK with it or not. How­ever, some­one started yip­ping so I stepped in. I am still not quite sure what to do to get him to stop, so I fol­low Cesar’s advice of giv­ing him a “bite” with my hand on his side and telling him sternly to stop. Sorry to say, he doesn’t seem to lis­ten very well no mat­ter what I do, so I will have to find a bet­ter way to get him to obey me.

three shih tzus play fighting. three shih tzus playing





I walked Nigel out of shih tzu Cen­tral, like a teacher walk­ing a bad stu­dent to the principal’s office. How­ever, he went right back in after I sat down, and started pick­ing on Flower. I picked him up and him in his dog bed. He stayed there for a while.

two shih tzus playingtwo shih tzus playing





I opened the door later, to see if any­one wanted to go out and play, and Nigel and Candy flew out. When andy had played enough, she came in and retired to Shih Tzu Cen­tral to get her beauty rest, but Nigel wouldn’t leave her alone. I ended up using his couch steps as a bar­rier to keep him out of Shih Tzu Cen­tral. I turned them around, with the back of the steps fac­ing the liv­ing room.

two shih tzus tongue to tongue. shih tzus playing





I did let him wres­tle with the girls this after­noon, since they seemed to want to play. At one point, Wild Flower left the wrestling tour­na­ment to bite my toe, and then went back into the ring. Candy and Flower bounced up to the couch later, and Nigel fol­lowed them, decid­ing he would bite my toes too.

Nigel hasn’t been lying in his dog bed much over the last cou­ple of days. I don’t think it looks as com­fort­able as the girls’ beds, because it doesn’t have as much fill­ing. Today, I had the red blan­ket on me, and it was cov­er­ing my feet. He decided to lay down on the blan­ket next to my feet.

learn­ing about shih tzu relaxation

I used to say that Flower couldn’t relax on the couch. I just real­ized how much that has changed. Dot­tie was stub­bornly guard­ing “her” cor­ner of the couch ear­lier today, as usual. I looked up at one point, though, and real­ized that Dot­tie was right beside me, chew­ing on a pressed bone. Flower was lying at the end of the couch, and I thought she looked quite relaxed.

dress your doggy for less

a shih tzu in a leopard print dress with hood. a shih tzu in a leopard print dress on a blanket.





I took my mom shop­ping with me recently, and after we fin­ished at PetS­mart, she waited in the car while I made an exchange at Ross Dress For Less. I showed her the pink and brown ani­mal print dog dress I came out with and she started laugh­ing. She looked at the store name and said, “It should be ‘Dress Your Dog­gie For Less’.” I thought that was clever of her. She laughed because she wouldn’t think about putting clothes on her dogs, which have includ­ing retriev­ers, chows and mid-size ter­ri­ers. She’s way too prac­ti­cal for that.

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Shih Tzu Day 124: Halloween for the Shih Tzus

bad start for Halloween

a shih tzu keeping an eye on a squirrel.a squirrel running along a fence.





Hal­loween for the shih tzus began with one of them throw­ing up yel­low bile. It was one of the female shih tzus, because I found it when we came down­stairs. I smelled all of their breath to see which shih tzu it was, and Flower had the bad breath. John said that didn’t nec­es­sar­ily mean that she threw up, since she could have eaten some­one else’s. Gross, but I know it could hap­pen. I don’t think that is the case, though, or else two shih tzus would have bad breath. None of the dogs acted sick, so I don’t know what caused the problem.

morn­ing shih tzu squir­rel notification

two shih tzus in black and white clothes. a shih tzu at the door wearing skull sweater





a shih tzu in polka dots and one in skull sweater. a shih tzu wearing a black and white polka dot dress with hood.





two shih tzu sisters wearing black and white polka dot dresses.a shih tzu and a trick or treater.





Candy spent a lot of time out­side this morn­ing prowl­ing the perime­ter again, look­ing for squir­rels. Every once in a while, she would bark and sum­mon the troops out­side. What’s funny is that the dogs can’t always see the squir­rel very well, so he will be run­ning one way and the shih tzus will be run­ning the other in search of him. Nigel doesn’t always join in on the squir­rel hunt. Some­times he lets the girl shih tzus do the chas­ing and he lays in the grass chew­ing on a bone.

shih tzu door greeter 

I took Nigel to PetS­mart and Petco. I dressed him in his black sweater with the skull on it for Hal­loween. He was very excited to get to go in the car. He did very well, until he saw a big dog in Petco and his dog aggres­sion came out. He started bark­ing, growl­ing and strain­ing at the leash, so I had to pick him up and carry him until the dog was in another part of the store.

two shih tzus that look like werewolves. three blurry shih tzus with weird eyes.





When I came home, I dressed up the girls. They didn’t have cos­tumes, but I dressed them all in black and white. Dot­tie and Flower wore match­ing polka dot dresses. I had returned Candy’s black and white hound­stooth dress that was too small, but I finally found a medium, so I dressed her up in that. I def­i­nitely spend too much time look­ing at dog clothes at Ross! It took me a while to catch Candy to put her dress on her, since she kept run­ning under the din­ing room table.

I knew that no one but John and me would see the girls, but I still thought it was fun. As I thought, Nigel was the door greeter, once the trick-or-treaters started arriv­ing. He ran to the door every time the door­bell rang. When the door­bell wasn’t ring­ing, he ran to to the door any­way, wait­ing for the next group of chil­dren to come along. Again, the only prob­lem we had was when a group came up that included a big dog, who waited in the dri­ve­way. Nigel showed his dog aggres­sion again, so I’m sure the par­ents were glad to be off to the next house. Well, the good news is that Nigel is great with chil­dren and small dogs, so that is still bet­ter adjusted than Joey was and the shih tzu sis­ters are.

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Shih Tzu Day 114: Favorite Dog Treats: Whole Lotta Chewin’ Going On

two very cute shih tzus on a couch waiting for dog treats.

dog treats — yum

four shih tzus waiting for dog treats. Today was one of those days that revolved around dog treats. In the morn­ing, to keep the girls occu­pied, I gave out pig ears, one of the shih tzus’ favorite dog treats. In the early after­noon, they got a sweet potato and chicken treat and a small apple and chicken treat, other favorites. When John got home, they got a small piece of chicken jerky, prob­a­bly at the top of dog treats.

shih tzu gnawing on an apple and chicken treat.Pig ears just seem to be pig ears, but I’ve exper­i­mented with dif­fer­ent brands of sweet potato and chicken dog treats, apple and chicken treats and chicken jerky. I tried plain sweet potato treats, but they weren’t that pop­u­lar. After that, I bought Canyon Creek Ranch Chicken Yam Good sweet potato treats, and the girls liked them. How­ever, I dis­cov­ered Costco car­ried King­dom Pets sweet potato and chicken treats in a large value pack, so I have been buy­ing them. I per­son­ally think Canyon Creek Ranch smells bet­ter, but the girls don’t seem to notice.

shih tzu chewing on a chicken and apple treat. As for chicken jerky, there are a lot of brands on the mar­ket. I tend to buy Milo’s Kitchen for a few rea­sons. First, I guess it’s rel­a­tively new, and I find a lot of dol­lar and two-dollar coupons for it. I also think Milo’s Kitchen dog treats smell really good. When I can find the value pack at Wal-mart, that’s what I buy. I will buy Wag­gin’ Train chicken jerky though. What I won’t buy is what­ever chicken jerky Costco car­ries, although it comes in a value pack and is cheaper. The girls didn’t like it when I first bought it, and it looks dry to me.

a shih tzu with a sweet potato and chicken treat in his mouth.I buy Canyon Creek Ranch apple and chicken dog treats from PetS­mart because although Wal-Mart is always cheaper on most dog treats, they don’t have a value pack. PetSmart’s value pack has been on sale for a while too. Hav­ing four dogs is like hav­ing four chil­dren: you have to find the bargains!


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Shih Tzu Day 36: Dog Clothes Dress Up Day

What are you looking at?

shih tzu dog clothes

Come quick, Mom! I think I found an error on your blog!I can’t help it. I saw Boo, the Face­book “pub­lic fig­ure” with 1.5 mil­lion fans, and I really wanted to dress up Dot­tie, Candy and Flower. Granted, I knew they wouldn’t look like that adorable Pomeran­ian; after all, they still won’t let me get that close with scis­sors or clip­pers (I’m hop­ing that changes after our groom­ing class next week!), and it is very appar­ent from their scruffy, lit­tle faces.I think I forgot to water my flowers yesterday.

I had seen cheap dog clothes at Ross Dress For Less when I was look­ing for dog bowls, so I decided to look there first. Not only are they cheap, but they have very cute dog clothes. I bought a green dog dress and an orange one there. I also found a dog tutu dec­o­rated with skulls for Flower and designer dog clothes at PetS­mart. I got Dot­tie a Martha Stew­art dog dress.I'm glad I got to wear the Martha Stewart dress, and not the tutu!

I waited until a lit­tle before John got home from work to try to get the dog clothes on the shih tzus, since I didn’t intend for them to wear them very long. Dot­tie sat there pas­sively and let me put her dog dress on her. Candy didn’t run when I approached her, and dress­ing her was effort­less as well. Flower attempted half­heart­edly to escape me, but even she sub­mit­ted pretty eas­ily to let­ting me put the dog clothes on her.

How come I'm in a tutu with skulls on it and Dottie is in a pretty pink dress?After they were in their dog clothes, I took them out­side and gave them their apple and chicken treats. Sur­pris­ingly, the shih tzus didn’t seem to care that they were wear­ing dog clothes. The change might have even improved Flower’s tem­pera­ment. She seemed much more mel­low when John got home from work.

Oh well. At least I got a treat!Yes, we know we're not supposed to get our clothes dirty. We'll just sit here.John got a big kick out of see­ing them in their dog clothes. He thought Dot­tie looked the cutest, in her old-fashioned pink dress. He decided that Flower really did look good in black, although she wasn’t rock­ing the frilly part of the tutu. I wasn’t either, but I loved the black cot­ton part with the tiny skulls. Candy looked very sweet.

When we went out­side for their evening treat, they wan­dered around the porch and gar­den, obliv­i­ous to the fact that they were wear­ing dog dresses.

Get­ting them out of their clothes, again, sur­pris­ingly, was easy, once I chased Wild Flower and Candy down. I’m not used to it, and I did have to be extra care­ful try­ing to get dog cloth­ing off of legs and paws and over their heads. In all, it was much eas­ier than I expected. I’m sure they didn’t con­sider it a fan­tas­tic time, but they didn’t seem to mind it either, and I sure enjoyed it! After clean­ing up urine-stained car­pets, see­ing my lit­tle girls in their dog dresses was a pleas­ant way to end the day. I can’t wait to see how dif­fer­ent they look next week after I learn how to prop­erly groom them!

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Shih Tzu Day 26: Shih Tzu Sisters Baby Steps

More Baby Steps for the shih tzu sisters

There's something soothing about this new toy.I don't know why Candy is sucking on her toy. Everyone knows you bite it!!I guess hav­ing guests all week­end tired me out. I couldn’t get up until 7. The shih tzu sis­ters came up to get me about 6, but I didn’t budge. They kept run­ning up and down the stairs, then into the bed­room, play­ing with my hand when­ever I dan­gled it down to them. (I had a warped thought as they gen­tly bit at my hand. A famous avi­a­trix named Pan­cho Barnes had sev­eral dogs. When she died, the story goes, they began nib­bling on her arm. I imag­ine she might have played the same game with her dogs before her demise! I said it was warped!)

No Bark­ing Outside

Sorry to say, one of the shih tzu sis­ters has dis­cov­ered that they like poop­ing in the spare bed­room. It might even be Shiloh. We really need What will you give me if I give you back your mail?a sur­veil­lance cam­era in every room so we can catch the cul­prits in action. And now for pos­i­tive news:  John pre­pared the dog food bowls for me, so the dogs could learn to eat from him. They fol­lowed him out­side, ate, and then went and played in the gar­den, with­out bark­ing at all!

Flower Sits With Dot­tie and Me

Dot­tie spent a lot of time on the couch with me today. Flower has tThis floor feels cool on my tummy! I like it. aken to jump­ing up into the rock­ing chair that John used to sit in when he smoked his pipe. (It was actu­ally a nice smell, but he has been tobacco-free for a year!) I hur­ried to get my cam­era (I need it near me at all times!), but she jumped down as soon as I moved. Sur­pris­ingly, instead of going back to the play area, she jumped up on the couch, to sit with Dot­tie and me.

Candy Warms Up to John

John is mak­ing great head­way with Candy. While he pre­pared his lunch this morn­ing, she wan­dered in, look­ing for food, I’m sure. He gave her a lit­tle cheese, which she fear­lessly took from him. That brought Shiloh and the shih tzu sis­ters in to gather around him. Another victory!

Dot­tie Vis­its PetSmart

Do we really have to leave the house?I thought I would be dar­ing and take Dot­tie to PetS­mart with me. I con­sid­ered the trip suc­cess­ful. I put her in the As Seen on TV Com­fy­Con­trol Har­ness to get her used to it, although I didn’t plan to have her walk. She seemed a lit­tle ner­vous in the car, but she did well at PetS­mart. I car­ried her around the store while we looked at Kongs. Mom says dogs are sup­posed to be crazy about them. I bought one for each of the dogs, although I didn’t know how I was going to get them to use their own and not steal every­one else’s.

In the car, I tried to give her a Wag­gin Train’ chicken and apple treat, but she wouldn’t take it. I think she was a lit­tle too ner­vous from the out­ing. She did eat two when we got home, though.

If I just stick my tongue in this hole a little bit farther...Of course, Flower was the shih tzu sis­ter who fig­ured out how to “use” the Kong. She took Shiloh’s too, and ran off with it. Candy and Dot­tie didn’t show much inter­est, or didn’t know how to get the peanut but­ter out. Instead, I put some peanut but­ter on Candy’s paci­fier and she licked it off. I did try to feed the dogs car­rots and apples again, but only Shiloh gob­bled them down. He is at least proof that some dogs will eat raw fruits and veggies.

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