Shih Tzu Day 216: Poop Patrol

dou­ble feeding

John got up with a headache at 6, and since he was going down­stairs, I asked him to feed the dogs. I didn’t think I went to sleep. I heard scratch­ing at the door, and opened it to see Nigel, Flower, and Dot­tie sit­ting there, wait­ing for me to get up. John was indis­posed, but I assumed he hadn’t been able to get them to go down­stairs and out­side, so I went to the kitchen and got their food bowls together, threw away the soiled train­ing pad, and went to fill their bowls with water. One still had quite a bit in it, so I filled the other one.

When John emerged from the bath­room, he asked if the dogs had gone out­side “again.” I said that they had gone out­side, because I had just fed them. He looked sur­prised, and told me he’d already done that. Oops. Of course, they didn’t tell me they had full bel­lies. I guess they had eaten and imme­di­ately ran up the stairs to wait for me. I must have dozed off for a few min­utes, so just assumed they had been wait­ing for me the entire time and that they hadn’t eaten. They were prob­a­bly thrilled to get one over on me.

poop patrol

When it’s warm enough, I leave the door open, hop­ing to tempt the dogs to go play. Candy and Nigel will do that some­times, which is why they weigh less than Dot­tie and Flower. I know they need a good exer­cise pro­gram, trans­late, lots of walks. I am wait­ing for the weather to be warm enough when John is home so we  can get on the ball again.

I was on poop patrol today, and I am embar­rassed to say it had been a while, and we have a pretty big back­yard, so I got my exer­cise. Flower and Dot­tie trailed behind me, and I’m sure they were won­der­ing why I had a bag­gie on my hand and was pick­ing up those small, brown blobs and throw­ing them in a plas­tic bag. Too bad they can’t help. Another item on my to do list is to fig­ure out how to get them to go in one small area. The good news is that they do go out­side, and not inside.

That reminds me how good Flower has been lately. I did find some brown blobs down­stairs, and that was either Flower or Nigel, but it seems like an iso­lated inci­dent. Flower also seems to have got­ten over hav­ing to poop when she is fright­ened. John was work­ing in the area today and came home for lunch. She was sit­ting on the couch and he was pet­ting her. I told him she likes butt rubs, but when he moved his hand away from her face, she bolted, jump­ing over Dot­tie to sit by my side. At least that’s all she did. Oh. Her eye­lashes have grown so long, and she looks so adorable.

green dog

I just heard a noise and saw Candy jump­ing away from some­thing on the floor. My first thought was a mouse, but it was actu­ally just Green Dog. She grabbed him in her mouth and trot­ted out the door. At least she is get­ting exer­cise, while Flower and Nigel are curled up on the couch. I also just real­ized that Dot­tie is just stand­ing near my feet, wait­ing for her ele­va­tor lift up to the couch.

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Shih Tzu Day 213: Jan. 28 (Sat.)

It’s amaz­ing how the hol­i­days com­bined with tech­nol­ogy issues can throw a sched­ule out of whack. For exam­ple, I have been look­ing at Candy for days, think­ing how badly she needed grooming.

Today was finally the day. We sat her on the groom­ing table, and she was rel­a­tively calm. She did try to pull her paws away from John a few times. Also, she is very afraid of loud noises, and I acci­den­tally knocked the box hold­ing some groom­ing sup­plies on the floor; she jumped and tried to scram­ble off the table. We finally calmed her down enough to con­tinue groom­ing her.

She had a lot of mats under her hair. The other dogs weren’t that mat­ted, but they don’t lay under the trailer in the dirt and mud like our tomboy shih tzu does. As a result, it took a lot longer than nor­mal to get her in shape. We actu­ally didn’t fin­ish groom­ing her, although we prob­a­bly got about three quar­ters of a way there. She was shak­ing a lit­tle, so we fig­ured we should get her in the sink and get her washed.

She did well in that area too. She is ter­ri­fied of the blow dryer, and since it took a long time to groom her, we decided to skip the blow dryer and just towel dry her the best we could.

I gave all the dogs some thin slices of Bud­dig turkey after we fin­ished groom­ing her. Candy usu­ally hangs back and waits her turn, but either she was very hun­gry or the groom­ing had her wound up, because she was act­ing like Nigel and try­ing to grab the turkey I was hand­ing to the oth­ers. Later, she ran around fran­ti­cally for a while. We cut her fur very short, so it was prob­a­bly hard for her to get used to being naked.

I tried to keep her inside to keep her clean for a while, but she slipped out the screen door when I opened it. As I feared, she headed right for the trailer.

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Shih Tzu Day 210

I brought Candy up to sleep with us last night. She curled up on the bed and didn’t peep all through the night. How­ever, at 6 o’clock, we heard her retch­ing. She vom­ited bile on the bed and on the floor. I haven’t noticed the dogs doing that lately, since I read they some­times do that if they go to bed on an empty stom­ach and have been try­ing to give them a lit­tle food before bed­time. She seemed okay through­out the day, though.

Flower fol­lows me down to the base­ment when­ever I go to put any­thing in the wash. She sniffs around the exer­cise room and the spare room. I haven’t caught her pee­ing on the car­pet again, but I do try to keep an eye on her when she wan­ders into a dif­fer­ent room. I am glad that she is becom­ing more com­fort­able with the dif­fer­ent areas of the house and doesn’t seem as fear­ful as she did a few months ago.

Crazy shih tzus

The dogs have seemed a lit­tle lack­lus­ter lately, but today, all four of them were jump­ing each other. Flower was being a lit­tle too aggres­sive with Candy. She acted like she was mad at her. Candy was stand­ing up to her, but I finally said Flower’s name firmly and when she looked up, told her “No!” She came up to me shak­ing her head from side to side, and I shook my fin­ger at her. She came up fur­ther and put it in her mouth, backed away and then came back and put her mouth on my fin­ger again. It was more like gum­ming than bit­ing. They are way too cute.

Nigel decided it was her turn to be picked on, and tore after her, so she went run­ning. They are get­ting a lit­tle crazy these days. They ran too close to the TV tray stand hold­ing my water and knocked the water on the floor. Thank­fully, it was a plas­tic Star­bucks glass with a tight lid.

Later, Flower jumped up on the couch, pawed at me, and then cocked her head back towards the din­ing room, as if to say, “This way. We need a treat!”

I got my lap­top back after being with­out it for three weeks! Now that I won’t be using a loaner lap­top, I need to trans­fer pic­tures to it and start putting them up with my posts again. I know they have been very bare with­out any.

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Shih Tzu Day 209: Old Shih Tzu Habits

Old shih tzu habits die hard

Candy started bark­ing at 4. John turned the flash­light on and pointed it down the stairs to get her to stop. She started again about 5. I ignored it and stayed in bed until 6, when Dot­tie started whining.

I am learn­ing that just because the shih tzus are get­ting bet­ter, it doesn’t mean that old habits won’t resur­face. Flower, Dot­tie and Nigel often go into the spare room with me when I have to use my backup PC. They wan­der around, try to find things to chew on, or just sit there and wait for me. No one had been poop­ing or pee­ing on the car­pet, so I stopped bar­ri­cad­ing the door dur­ing other times of the day. But this morn­ing when I glanced in the room, I saw that some­one had done num­ber one and num­ber two. The bar­ri­cade has gone up again.

When I went down­stairs to get laun­dry, I heard Flower com­ing down the stairs. I walked out of the laun­dry room and started to cheer­ily say, “Hello, Flower!” but then saw her squat­ting on the floor. She was mid-stream when I hollered her name! Sigh.

shih tzus in need of grooming

I hate to admit it, but the dogs haven’t been groomed since the end of Decem­ber. We have to catch up, so we decided to bathe one dog and do some groom­ing on as many as we could. John groomed Nigel’s face and trimmed up his paws and cut his toe nails. He did the same with Dot­tie and Flower. He was hav­ing trou­ble with the clip­pers, and I think that’s why he cut one of Flower’s toe nails too short. She was being very good, but that fright­ened her. Still, she was so much bet­ter than the days when she would poop on the table when­ever we sat her on it. She just pulled her paw away, but then let us do the groom­ing on her face.

Dot­tie wasn’t quite as good, but, again, not nearly as bad as she used to be. I noticed this morn­ing that she appears to have dog dan­druff, so we decided she would be the one to get bathed. I have to keep an eye on that and fig­ure out if some­thing is caus­ing it, besides the fact that she hadn’t had a bath for a few weeks.

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Shih Tzu Day 208: The Shih Tzu Bone Thief is Back

Things never seem sta­tus quo when you have four shih tzus run­ning around. I have been say­ing how Nigel has been so good lately, and today I keep get­ting frus­trated. I bought them real bones from the local gro­cery store, and when I passed them around, he tried to round them all up for him. This after­noon, he keeps going over to Shih Tzu Cen­tral, for what I am not sure. Now he looks like he is try­ing to cor­ral Flower back to her cor­ner, but she escaped and jumped up on the couch, breath­ing heavily.

I think that the win­ter is mak­ing them bored. I leave the door open when­ever I can, in hopes that they will go out­side and play, but they rarely do, even though it hasn’t been very cold. They mainly seem to wait around to see when the next treat will be delivered.

Nigel was lick­ing his paw ear­lier, and I noticed it was bleed­ing. John was hav­ing trou­ble with the nail clip­pers, so I might have to invest in a new pair. I’m glad Lea at Gen­tle Groom­ing had put styp­tic pow­der on the “must have” list for grooming.

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