Shih Tzu Week 39: March 22 (Day 267) – 28 (Day 273)

 Shih Tzu Day 267: March 22 (Thursday)

What’s in Nigel’s (Dottie’s?) mouth

Dottie gets a hot dog piece for coping with grooming.Dottie came up to me today with her Dentley’s stick in her mouth and wanted up. She is practicing being Nigel, since he is the only one who usually comes up to the couch with something in his mouth and wants up. It can be a Dentley’s stick, one of my socks, a rawhide bone, a stuffed animal.

love addicts

Dottie is usually content just to sit by my side, but at times, especially when Flower decides she wants love, Dottie wants in on the action. Today, Flower started nuzzling my hand, and then Dottie did. I was trying to pet them both with one hand, but whenever I lifted my hand from Flower, she would look up and move her paw, so I had to use both hands.

I love to cup Dottie’s little face in my hands. When I do, she just gazes at me. I remembered when none of the female shih tzus wanted me to come near them. Now, Dottie will even let me kiss her. Flower is actually the biggest lover. I think she would like to be rubbed and petted all day.

Flower had a lot of energy this evening. She was dragging and pulling around the red, soft dog bed that no one ever uses. My guess is she was just trying to tear the tag off, but she didn’t succeed. A little later, when she was sitting on the couch, she started growling. Unlike other dogs, when Flower growls, it usually means she wants to be petted. However, she jumped down, grabbed a rawhide bone from off the floor, and pranced away towards the back door, with Candy following behind her.

 Shih Tzu Day 268: March 23 (Friday)

camera shy

I picked Candy up again today when she came up to the couch. She stayed until I tried to take her picture. The picture taking has definitely slowed down. I took hundreds and hundreds of pictures last year after getting the shih tzus. However, as things have gradually gotten back to a new normal, after taking in four shih tzus, the camera often isn’t in the right place at the right time. Also, my attempts at finding a small camera I like to keep near me haven’t been successful. I heard that the iPhone took great pictures, and I finally got one, but I haven’t had luck getting anything more than blurry shots inside. I have to read up on what I am doing wrong.

 Shih Tzu Day 269: March 24 (Saturday)

John and I were gone most of the day, so the poor shih tzus have had to fend for themselves. When we came home, I went upstairs to change while John gave out some treats. After a few minutes, I heard paws on the stairs. Flower came up to get me. She wandered around the room sniffing until I went back downstairs.

Us, vacation?

One of our friends was in town this week, and we went and met him for dinner. He invited us out to Boston to see him whenever we wanted to come. I had to smile at that. It was hard enough going out of town when we had one Yorkie. It will be nearly impossible with four shih tzus. They definitely aren’t the type of dogs that you kennel, and they steal don’t trust anyone but John and I, so dog sitters are out.

Shih Tzu Day 270: March 25 (Sunday)

new dogs

Flower after bath with Fresh n Clean Shampoo.We decided to do a little grooming today. Partially, I wanted to try out the Fresh n Clean shampoo that came in the Royal Canin goodie basket identical to the one we are giving away, courtesy Royal Canin. John trimmed Nigel’s paws and face. After that, he started working on Dottie’s face. I decided to help him, so I started trimming her body. He informed me I had used the wrong blade, so she got a very short cut. Even though it was a mistake, we decided to do the same with Flower, since it is spring, and they don’t need long fur to keep them warm. Plus, we can go a little longer without grooming them. They look like completely different dogs than Nigel and Candy.

Shih Tzu Day 271: March 26 (Monday)

sassy flower

Flower was being sassy this afternoon. She sat on the edge of the couch, wagging her tail and waving her front paws at me, like she does when she wants to be petted. Then, she lay on her back against the couch gazing at me, her cute little under-bite showing. I waited a little too long to pet her, so she started growling, until I gave her what she wanted.

Since Flower hasn’t peed on our couch for quite a while, I put the cushions down on the other couch that she used to always sit on, but I think she has forgotten that used to be her could. She rarely goes up on it anymore. I am happy that she sits with us on the community couch — and that we have had dry couch cushions for a long time!

Shih Tzu Day 272: March 27 (Tuesday)

Nigel and the ice cube

I still need to replace Nigel’s steps, since one set broke, and he wouldn’t walk up the next set. For now, I have an old milk box on its side that I put in place in front of the couch before John comes down and needs to sit there, and then again after he leaves for work. This morning I forgot to put it there, so I had to help Nigel up. When I looked down, he had an ice cube in his mouth. It was so cute. He sat it on the couch and then picked it up again once I sat him next to me. That little boy has so much character.

throw up on the throw

I left a throw on the floor last night and someone threw up on it. My guess is that it was Candy. She wouldn’t go out to eat when her sisters did. Instead, she hid behind the dining room table. When I picked up the throw and put it in the hall to take to the basement later, she came out and then went out to eat. Maybe she thought she was going to get in trouble. I had to keep an eye on her bowl so her sisters and Nigel wouldn’t try to eat her food for her, since they had already eaten by the time she decided to eat.

Shih Tzu Day 273: March 28 (Wednesday)

weighing in

It's hard to tell where one shih tzu ends and another begins. I weighed the dogs today. I have read different answers regarding what shih tzus should weigh, with the range going between nine and twenty pounds, but the average answer seems to be ten to sixteen pounds. If so, we’re not doing too badly. Nigel now weighs 13 pounds. I think that is a good weight for him. He only weighed 10.5 pounds in October, but he was still recovering from pneumonia. Candy weighed 11.5 in October and now weighs 12 pounds. I’m not as happy with Flower and Dottie. Flower was 14 pounds and is now 15.5. Dottie was 14 pounds and is 16 pounds now. Flower and Dottie might be within the range, but we need to work on that.

Now that the shih tzus are more comfortable with John and I, I think the leash training will go better. My goal is to really get on this right after Easter!

Let the butt sniffing begin!I am hoping that our diet will benefit the shih tzus. I know that some people don’t give dogs people food, but we always have. I am trying to replace some of their dog treats with people food. For instance, Flower, Dottie, and Nigel all like celery, although Candy won’t try it. I am particularly glad that Flower does, since it is better for her than plastic bottle caps!

We had tuna salad on a romaine leaf tonight. I left out some tuna to give them a few pieces while we ate.

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Shih Tzu Week 38: March 15 (Day 260) – 21 (Day 266)

Shih Tzu Day 260: March 15 (Thursday)

Tested in the U.S.

"Tested in the U.S.A"? My search to find treats for the shih tzus not made in China is exasperating. While I was looking at PetSmart to see which products were made in China, I noticed some clever packaging. I saw packages that said “Tested in the U.S.” and “Printed in the U.S.” I don’t understand the importance of testing and printing in the U.S., so I imagine the wording is just to trick people into thinking the products are made in the U.S.

I ordered some beef dog treats called Doggy Dollars from Costco, because they are made in the United States and had good ratings.  I’m a little leery, because I haven’t had much luck with beef treat products. I am still confused, because I am not sure if I just need to avoid chicken jerky products from China, or if I need to avoid others as well. That’s what is daunting, since most of the treats I pick up say they are made in China.

I would like to buy U.S. products anyway, just to support U.S. companies, but I don’t understand why companies like Milo’s Kitchen, whose products are made in China, have treats that smell good enough for people to eat, and others have products I can hardly stand to smell.

hard boiled eggs

Since I have been back on a low-carb diet, I have been sharing my snacks more often with the dogs. Thank goodness, the eggs I hard boil are from the good old U.S.A. They all love them. I did read up on giving them to dogs, and found out that they are a good source of protein and fat, which benefits their coat, skin, and claws.

People food no-nos for dogs

I have been checking a lot online about what dogs can and can’t eat. I just ran across a slide show on Web MD that gives foods that are dangerous for dogs. They include avocado; alcohol; onions and garlic; caffeine (such as coffee and tea); grapes and raisins;  milk and other dairy products (this is confusing, since I have been told yogurt is good for dogs, and I have given it to my shih tzus without bad effects??); macadamia nuts; candy and gum; chocolate; fat trimmings and bones (I have heard that you can give them bones that have not yet been cooked?); persimmons, peaches, and plums; raw eggs; raw meat and fish; salty foods (like chips and pretzels); sugary foods and drinks; yeast dough; people medicine, and items from the kitchen pantry. Web MD recommends treating dogs with lean meats; fruits like apples, oranges, bananas, and watermelon; vegetables like carrots, green beans, cucumber slices, zucchini sticks (mine love jicama), and plain baked potato (not raw); and cooked white rice and pasta.

Shih Tzu Day 261: March 16 (Friday)

dog step DILEMMA

I bought Nigel wooden dog steps at Ross or TX Maxx before Christmas, but they aren’t very sturdy. One of the grandchildren stepped on them and broke a step during the holiday season, and John fixed it, but I recently realized that Nigel was acting tentative when he stepped on the bottom step. I investigated and found out it was broken again. This time, I decided to look for new steps. I got online and saw that Bed, Bath and Beyond had some Animal Planet wooden steps that looked pretty as well as functional. It looked like the only store that had them though was Cherry Creek, which is a little further than the one I usually go to. I made the jaunt to get them. However, once I set them up, Nigel wouldn’t go up them. My guess is because they are taller than the other steps, and a little wider. I’ll keep them a few days and see what happens. If Nigel won’t go up them, the other shih tzus definitely won’t.

angels’ eyes

I have been giving Flower and Dottie Angels’ Eyes for their tear stains. Flower’s were much more noticeable, because of her coloring. I think it really helped her. I started giving Dottie the powder about two months after I started giving it to Flower, but I haven’t noticed as much of a change. I am now out, and since it is costly to give it to both of them, I think I will hold off on ordering it again and see how they do without it.

Buddig Turkey Time

Candy came up to the couch at noon, wagging her cute little head from side to side, signaling that it was time for lunch. I started giving them Buddig turkey when I started giving Flower Angels’ Eyes, because she wouldn’t eat it on her food. When I am at King Soopers, I usually buy their Kroger brand, but I just found out that it has about 25 percent more sodium, so I will stick to Buddig from now on.

Shih Tzu Day 262: March 17 (Saturday)

saving $$ on training pads

I didn’t have to put down a new training pad this morning, because the one I put down last night was still dry. It is so nice to not have to change them as often as I had to before. I feel like we are getting somewhere, and we are saving money!

Bully sticks, bully dog

A few months ago I bought an economy size bag of Big Bark All Natural Steer Sticks because I was told they are softer than bully sticks and the shih tzus might like them better.   I still had some left, although I couldn’t remember why. Usually if the shih tzus like something, I don’t have any leftovers. This morning I passed some out. Nigel instantly turned into a little bully. If anyone came near him, he got a murderous look in his eyes and started growling. He also tried to steal them from the other shih tzus. I think that was why I stopped passing them out. I gathered them back up and put them away, so Nigel would get back to his normal, sweet self.

 Shih Tzu Day 263: March 18 (Sunday)

Cute little Candy

Candy seems to come up to the couch more often. Her fur is kind of long and she looks like a little bear, so I have been calling her Candy Bear. John picks her up and holds her for a couple of minutes at least each morning.

She has so much character. I wish I could catch a picture of her when she is outside playing by herself. She was hopping and bopping around by the gate earlier, with an imaginary friend, I guess. It was adorable.

Shih Tzu Day 264: March 19 (Monday)

Christmas in March

Flower waits to be petted.I am not sure where they are hiding them, but every once and awhile, one of the shih tzus gets out one of the flat Christmas rawhide bones I got from Petco in December and starts chewing on it. Today it was Flower who ran by me as if she was sneaking one into Shih Tzu Central, and then sat chewing on it for quite a while. I am not sure why, but it makes me smile when they chew so loudly. I guess it is because they seem to be having so much fun when they do that.

royal canin doggy day spa giveaway

Our Royal Canin Doggy Day Spa Gift Pack giveaway will start April 1.I got an email today from Joe at Royal Canin. He invited me to do a Doggy Day Spa giveaway of their new x-small adult dog food, with some other pet care products, valued at $80. For doing it, the shih tzus would get the same gift, so I said I would be happy to do it. This will be our first giveaway, so I am excited. We will start the contest April 1 and it will last three weeks. I’ll announce on April 1 how the winner will be chosen.

Shih Tzu Day 265: March 20 (Tuesday)

Magic Mesh time?

Candy has been in her apartment most of the day. The weather is warm enough on some days now that I could keep the back door open, so they can come in and out when they want, but I already had a visiting bee — or fly. Not sure which. I saw that Bed, Bath and Beyond now carries the Magic Mesh curtain, so I think I will try it. I remember what a kick I got last fall when the commercial would come on; dogs would bark, and the shih tzus would dash to the door, thinking they had visitors, I guess. I think it was a memory from either their puppy mill days, or their foster home before we got them.

Shih Tzu Day 266: March 21 (Wednesday)

Candy Kisses

Candy came and put her paws up on the couch twice today. I always assume she just wants food, because in the past, when she has come up and I have reached for her, she has run away. However, she seems a little more approachable these days. This time I reached for her very slowly, and she didn’t back away, so I picked her up. She sat there while I petted her, for probably ten minutes, until John drove up. As soon as she heard the truck, she jumped down and ran to the door to wait for him. She did her twisty dance, wagging her butt one way and her head the other, with all paws coming off the floor. I really need to catch that on video some day.

Doggy Dollars Arrival

My Made in the U.S.A. Doggy Dollars arrived today from Costco. The shih tzus weren’t eager to take them, but they did, and I think all of them ate theirs. I wish they had been a bigger hit, especially since I had to buy two big bags of them.

Foot warmer

Nigel loves to sit on a blanket in front of my feet - or on my feet. After John got home, Candy sat on his lap for about 15 minutes getting love. Earlier, Dottie let him give her a face rub for a while. One of the blankets had fallen on the floor, and my feet were on it. Nigel sat on my feet while John held Candy.

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Shih Tzu Week 37: March 8 (Day 253) – 14 (Day 259)

Shih Tzu Day 253: March 8 (Thursday)

Nigel fights me over a sock he's claimed.My three little followers — Nigel, Dottie, and Flower — followed me up and down the stairs this morning while I tried to organize the spare room. Later on, the youngest shih tzu kids spent sometime outside sitting on the porch or playing, while Dottie kept Mom company on the couch.

I’m not sure why, but while I was on the phone this after, Dottie went off on Flower. I heard this snarling and growling, and looked over to see her doing what I call her “two-headed mean monster routine.” It usually has something to do with possessiveness. Flower stands up to her sometimes, but today, she ran back to Shih Tzu Central until Dottie got back to normal.

Shih Tzu Day 254: March 9 (Friday)

All is calm on the Shih Tzu Front.

Shih Tzu Day 255: March 10 (Saturday)

Flower can't wait to get her morning chew stick.We were gone quite a while today. I have been organizing the kitchen, the spare room, my file system, etc., so I was looking for containers, and John needed a new Nuvi for week. I always feel bad when we have to leave the dogs for too many hours. They are always so excited when we get home.

Shih Tzu Day 256: March 11 (Sunday)

Candy “knocked” to get in this morning, which is very rare. Flower stayed outside earlier for a while with her. She was sniffing around the grass, including around the fence. I am always cautious when they are too fixated with one area. I have these fears of someone throwing something poisoned into our yard. It doesn’t help that I just read about the guy that had videotaped himself tormenting his dogs. I don’t understand people like that at all.

Shih Tzu Day 257: March 12 (Monday)

John was very proud of Flower this evening. She came and stood in front of John, staring at him, and he assumed she might need to go out and go potty. When he opened the door, she ran out and pooped. I was a proud mommy too.

It has been so nice lately. I very rarely smell that urine aroma wafting through the air. When they don’t go outside, for example, when I don’t get up early enough, they pee on the training pad. As soon as I see it, I fold it up, stick it up in a plastic grocery bag, tie the ends and either put it in the training pad trash can, or throw it in the trash in the garage, and out down a new one. It is also very nice that I spend a lot less money on training pads these days.

Shih Tzu Day 258: March 13 (Tuesday)

I gave the dogs jicama and they all seemed to like it. I have also been giving them hard boiled eggs and celery, which are staples of our recent low-carb diet. Every time I attempt to give them something new, I check to see if it’s acceptable. I was surprised to find out that they shouldn’t have avocados. I thought they would be good for them. I did give Flower and Dottie a bite before I read that I shouldn’t, and they liked it. I am a little confused about dairy products. I have read that they shouldn’t have dairy products because they don’t have an enzyme needed to digest them, but then I have also been told to give them yogurt for their digestive systems. So, for now, when I have it, I will give them a little yogurt.

I have stopped completely giving the dogs some of the other chicken jerky made in China, but I have still been giving them the Dentley’s chew sticks. They like them so much. I know it’s a highlight of their morning. I only saw one negative comment about Dentley’s online, so I am crossing my fingers. But I will try to find something else. Sadie Shih Tzu’s mom sent us a recipe for homemade dog treats, so I will try that. However, nothing seems to replace a good chew stick when it comes to my shih tzu tribe!

Shih Tzu Day 259: March 14 (Wednesday)

Flower climbs on Dottie to get to her perch on the couch arm.Today I gave Flower and Nigel celery and broccoli. They gobbled down the broccoli. Nigel ate the celery, but Flower chewed on it and then left it lying around. Dottie and Candy wouldn’t try it.

John was delivering in the area, so he came home for lunch. The shih tzus heard the big truck in the cul de sac and started barking crazily. They definitely are good guard dogs, though I don’t think they could protect me much. They would give me time to call someone for help or find a weapon with which to defend myself.

I gave the shih tzus some yogurt when he was here. They all love it.

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Shih Tzu Week 36: March 1 (Day 247) — March 7 (Day 252)

Shih Tzu Day 246: March 1 (Thursday)

Stop cleaning!

Flower lounging in a dog bed. I have been busy cleaning house. I’m not sure where I got the energy. I cleaned the living room, kitchen, and bathroom today. The female shih tzus don’t like it when I clean, for a few reasons. One, if I am cleaning, I am not sitting in my place on the couch, with my laptop before me. They really don’t seem to like change. Plus, when I am moving around and not sitting, they seem nervous. Sometimes Flower follows me around, but usually, they stay inside Shih Tzu Central and watch me. Then, when I do sit down, Nigel, Dottie, and Flower are immediately there. Nigel climbs up his stairs, Flower jumps up, and Dottie waits for me to help her up.

Shih Tzu Day 247: March 2 (Friday)

China Awareness

In the past, I wanted to praise some of the dog food and dog treat companies who produce our shih tzus’ favorite products. However, I have to back up and say it appears I have been wrong in praising some of the companies. One of my wonderful readers wrote and mentioned that she thought some of the treats I feed the dogs are on the list of treats from China to be wary of, since, according to the Food and Drug Administration, they are treats that may have caused kidney failure, liver disease or Fanconi syndrome, in dogs in the U.S. and Canada. Ironic for us, since the shih tzu originated in China!

From what I have read, including at, it is mainly chicken jerky pet treats — my dogs’ favorite treat — that appear to be causing illnesses in canines. Sorry to say, out of more than 600 complaints by pet owners and veterinarians, several point to brands  I have fed my shih tzus for months: Milo’s Kitchen (produced by Del Monte), Canyon Creek Ranch and Waggin’ Train (both produced by Nestle Purina PetCare). That is a huge disappointment, and I am embarrassed that I didn’t look into this earlier after a mention from another reader about some Costco products that come from China. Thank God, though, my shih tzus don’t seem to have fallen victim to what other dogs have.  I guess now I know why so many coupons are readily available for Milo’s Kitchen and Waggin’ Train!

FDA regulators do say that repeated tests have not shown an absolute tie to any brand or manufacturer. As a result, the FDA hasn’t recalled any specific products, so they remain on store shelves. FDA regulators have asked consumers to report problems, and supply jerky treat samples and medical records of dogs that may have become sick or died after eating these products.

So, what does someone do when their dogs just love those treats? I guess you look for products made in the U.S. Believe me, I have checked shelves at local big box stores, grocery stores, and pet supply stores, and that is almost impossible. So, I am on a search for treats I know are safe. If you have any suggestions, please let us know, and we’ll start reporting what we find.

Shih Tzu Day 248: March 3 (Saturday)

My stepson Gabe, his girlfriend Crystal and her daughter Avi stopped by. Nigel ran to greet them, and, as usual, the females went to Shih Tzu Central and waited for company to leave.

I started my search for U.S. chicken jerky treats. Well, it was not named by the FDA as a concern, but the Dogswell Breathies Chicken Breast with Mint & Parsley I just bought is made in China, as are the Cadet duck treats, but I haven’t seen anything about duck being an issue? Also, the dogs love the Canyon Creek Ranch Yam Good product, which is duck fillet wrapped yams, so I need to figure out if that is OK? Help, if anyone knows.

Shih Tzu Day 249: March 4 (Sunday)

Shih Tzu Bath Time

Nigel stands guard at the back door. My organization continues. I organized the kitchen drawers and refrigerator. Then, we tackled the challenge of giving half of the shih tzus baths. We chose Nigel and Flower. Flower had a little too much hair in her ears, so she had a hard time, but she was very brave. As usual, our little boy didn’t want his bath, so we had to fight him every step of the way.

Shih Tzu Day 250: March 5 (Mon.)

Dottie got her bath this morning. John and I started working out downstairs this morning to prepare for spring biking. Flower ran down like she normally does when I am down there, and then stopped and ran back upstairs when she saw that the Man was down there too. However, she couldn’t resist, and she was back five minutes later, sniffing around.

I spent a few hours trying to organize my pictures of the shih tzus. I have way too many files, since I was organizing them by day. Now, I have put them into weeks. I must have bored the dogs, because they all fell asleep.

Shih Tzu Day 251: March 6 (Tuesday)

Comfy Shih Tzus

John came downstairs this morning after getting ready for work, and Nigel and Flower calmly looked at him — from HIS place on the couch. Nigel went on chewing on his bone and Flower went on doing nothing. John finally sat down on the other couch after telling them they sure looked comfortable.

After John left, Candy came over wagging her head at me, and then the others gathered around. For some reason, the shih tzus think that John leaving the house means they get a treat. I usually accommodate them, but now I am trying to break them of the habit of coming up to me when he leaves, expectantly. Instead, I have been waiting until 11:30, and then I feed them small pieces of turkey.

So, instead of offering food, I petted Candy for a while this morning. A little later, Nigel mysteriously came up with a chew stick. He sat on the floor chewing away, while Candy sat next to him, just watching him. Flower, sitting on the non-Dottie side of the couch, leaned over and watched him too, as if his chewing was the most interesting thing in the world. I am not sure why his chewing was so fascinating to them.

When he was done, he climbed up his stairs and plopped down next to me, ready for his nap. He is such a baby boy. He couldn’t possibly get any closer to Mom. I remember when we first got him, and his behavior was sometimes very annoying. I admit, he does get a little too overbearing with the girls sometimes, but he is such a little lover and such a cutie.

Dry training pads

The female shih tzus stare at a broom as it nears them.I have been forgetting to say that I have only been throwing out the training pad once every day or so. For no apparent reason, however, Flower did pee on John’s side of the couch the other day. I think she was nervous, since I had been up and down cleaning a lot.

I did see some improvement in that area. John swept out Shih Tzu Central while they sat it it, and although they huddled together, the shih tzus didn’t look too freaked out about the broom coming so close to them.

Shih Tzu Day 252: March 7 (Wednes.)

Shih Tzu Pee Rug

In recent months, we kept a “pee” rug under the training pad, because of mis-positioning of shih tzu butts, resulting in wet hardwood flooring. It was washable, so I threw it in the washing machine every week or so. However, the unpleasant smell of urine always wafted up from the basement, and when I threw it in the dryer, that smell mixed with that of the rubber backing. I finally had a bright idea.

We have an anti-fatigue mat that doubles as a kitchen mat and a mat for dog grooming, because it cleans easily with a wipe of a wet rag. I bought one to put under the training pad, and threw away the tainted pee rug. It seems to be working good. Plus, one edge is straight, so I fold an edge of the pad under it, near the wall, and it keeps it in place a little better.

We still have some misses, so I just take a paper towel and wipe up the mess and the floor around it. It’s been working great, and no more pee smell, once I toss the used training pad.

Celery for shih tzus

I accidentally discovered that Nigel and Flower like celery. I dropped a piece of celery on the couch, and when I turned around, Nigel had it between his paws and was chomping away. Dottie and Candy, my particular shih tzus, wouldn’t try it, but Flower did. John was concerned, because he thought celery might be dangerous for dogs. I researched it and according to many cites, including Barf World, found that, indeed, dogs can eat celery! Good, since I need to find them healthy treats to replace Chinese chicken jerky treats!

Go away!

Candy's second home is under her trailer. Tish and the kids were ove for awhile. Evita and Dulcea cornered Candy and petted her, but I asked them to stop, since she didn’t look like she was having much fun. Dottie took a treat from Junior, and of course, Nigel would eat anything from anyone.

The dogs still don’t like when people come over, but they now get back to normal ten minutes after the door closes. In fact, shortly after they left, Flower and Nigel were play fighting next to me, and when I looked over, Flower was sitting on him. Such a cute little family.

Daddy’s home

When Dad comes home, Candy wags her butt, instead of just her tail. When he picks her up, she smells his face. I think she is starting to love Daddy.

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Shih Tzu Week 35: Feb. 23 (Day 239) – Feb. 29 (Day 245)

Shih Tzu Day: Feb. 23

scary wind

Wind frightened Candy so much she visited us on the couch.The wind was so strong last night that it blew part of our fence down again. The dogs huddled together in the corner. Later, with the wind still blowing and all of us on the couch, Candy came to the couch looking befuddled, so I picked her up. We were happy to have her join us, since that is a rare occasion.

When John got home, he had to rig up a temporary solution, since we couldn’t let the shih tzus outside with the fence down.

shih tzu sibling rivalry

The sibling rivalry continues between Dottie and Flower. Sometimes when Flower is sitting by me and Dottie wants up, Flower jumps right down. Today, when I was petting Flower, Dottie looked at me and jumped down and stayed down for quite a while. The problem is that Flower demands attention and Dottie normally doesn’t, so sometimes it’s easy to forget to pet her, since she isn’t growling for attention.

Shih Tzu Day: Feb. 24

Like My Dog

I was gone most of the day. I always look forward to coming home and seeing my shih tzu tribe. They are always so excited. It reminds me of the country western song, “Like my dog.”

Shih Tzu Day: Feb. 25 – 26

shih tzu kitty

Calm and lazy day for the dogs. Not much to report on. We have been getting a kick watching our shih tzu cat Candy pounce on things. When she is outside by herself, she often barks. I used to jump up and see if there was a problem, but any time we do, she is just jumping around on the porch, patting a toy around or chasing her tail. Such an independent little baby.

Shih Tzu Day: Feb. 27

shih tzu confusion

It’s becoming a common event for Flower to let John pet her. She seems very calm when he does. Dottie let him pet her too today. However, their confusion continues. He came down the stairs wearing a visor and glasses, and they went crazy sounding the alert about an intruder. He had to take off his hat and glasses to calm them down.

Sometimes I don’t understand why they get so confused at odd times. For instance, they line up in the same order every morning for breakfast: Flower, Dottie, and then Candy nearest the house. This morning, Candy went to Flower’s feed bowl, so Flower didn’t know where to go. I had to guide Candy back to her bowl.

shih tzu hiccups

I have been trying to figure out why Nigel hiccups sometimes. It happens probably once a week. I read that hiccuping is common especially up to 18 months. That reminds me that we really have no ideal how old Nigel is, although the vet thought he was about 18 months when we got him last fall. I guess if it starts happening more often I’ll take him to the vet, but for now, I’ll just keep assuming it’s normal.

Shih Tzu Day: Feb. 28

(Mr. Chewy Review)

Shih zu Day: Feb. 29

Flower is becoming more and more comfortable here every day. This morning, she jumped up and sat down very close to me, between Nigel and me. They left John a very small place to sit.

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