Shih Tzu Day 21 Highlight: Forever Home!

Dottie, Candy and Flower Freeze Have a Forever Home

Candy is oblivious that she was just adoptedI have known for a week that Delores and I would be discussing something very important today: adoption. She brought over the paperwork for me to sign after the visit to the vet.

Although it was a very momentous occasion to me, and the shih tzus — ! — things were a little too hectic at the house when I signed the papers to be able to pause and celebrate the moment.

Shiloh Explores While Candy and Flower Bathe

Dottie would be happy to know she has found a forever homeFirst, when we got home, we let Shiloh out of the kennel, and she started roaming around the house. While she explored, Delores and I took Candy and Flower into the kitchen to give them a bath, blocking their exit with a baby gate. I couldn’t catch Flower right away, so we bathed Candy first. She was nervous, but she, like Dottie, she did fine. I was surprised that Flower did too. Both were very docile while wrapped in the towel for drying.

As soon as I let Candy go, she took the first opportunity to go and roll in the dirt in the garden.

Did I hear someone say I've been adopted?Although Dottie and Candy mainly acted as if Shiloh wasn’t there, Flower looked at the intrusion differently. I was concerned when it looked fisticuffs was inevitable, but Delores thought they were just playing. I’m still not sure about that.

In the meantime, Peek-a-boo found a way to get up on the table, and decided to lounge there. Miss Muffett made herself at home on the couch. With so many canines in the house, I feebly asked her to get down, but then gave up.

Adoption Day

When Delores asked if I was ready to sign the papers, transferring the shih tzus from BFF Rescue to us, I realized that I was. It was a big step — a lot bigger than being foster parents — but it was a step I was ready to take. I love these little ewok princesses!

As I looked over the paperwork she had brought with her, I noted their names: Dottie Rose Ann, sired by Ringo Boy Stein, and the dam, Kiyanne Rose Stein, on 9/17/2005; Frosty Iris Candy, also sired by Ringo Boy Stein, with dam Saki Grace Stein, on 4/30/2009; and Golden Flower, sired by Ringo Boy Stein (busy, busy boy!) and dam Sasa Nicole Stein.

I was happy! I was now the Forever Mom of three precious, although slightly dysfunctional, little girls!

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