Shih Tzu Day 77: Visit to the Denver Dumb Friends League

More Groom­ing For Dottie

We put Dot­tie on the groom­ing table this morn­ing. Sur­pris­ingly, she wasn’t as good as Flower was the last few times. We couldn’t get her to keep her head still, when we were try­ing to groom her face, mostly. Also, she kept want­ing to sit down, so I had to keep sit­ting her back up and tick­ling her tummy to try to get her to stand.

shih tzu on a makeshift grooming table

Dumb Friends League Visit

I left the house when John did, to take my mom to the Den­ver Dumb Friends League. Two of Mom’s cats died over the last year, and she has really been want­ing new fam­ily mem­bers. I took her to the Dumb Friends League to look at kit­tens and mature cats. The Dumb Friends League has waived their fee tem­porar­ily on cats over one years old. Cats between six months old and a year are $50, and kit­tens under six months old are $120.

You can see kit­tens play­ing when you first go to the cat area at the Dumb Friends League. I fell in love with a tabby named Spot Collins. Mom liked a small black and white kit­ten, but some­one else did too, because they pulled it out for some­one while we stood there.

We were told that some of the cats were in a con­fined area because of a highly con­ta­gious upper res­pi­ra­tory infec­tion, but that we could still look at them. We put down the num­bers for three of the older cats, plus Spot Collins, and then waited to visit with the pet counselor.

shih tzu on makeshift grooming tableAs it turned out, two of the cats we wrote down had the URI, and Mom didn’t want to affect her other cats, so we crossed them off our list. I founded another cat, 8 months old, and already neutered, whichI thought Mom might like, so I had the coun­selor bring him into the room so we could visit with him. He was black and white and named Panda. She liked him, so we started look­ing for a friend for him. We brought an orange tabby in, but he didn’t seem very friendly, so we ruled him out.

I talked Mom into vis­it­ing with Spot Collins, and he passed inspec­tion. We brought Panda home, but Spot Collins, 3 months old, needed to be neutered, so I will have to go and pick him up at the Dumb Friends League tomor­row. I would have liked to take him to our home, but I don’t know how the girls would react. Maybe at a later date.

Ants in Candy’s Pants

I didn’t get home until late in the after­noon. Of course, the girls were excited, to see me, and I’m sure, to get their after­noon treat. Candy seemed to have ants in her pants later on. She jumped and danced all over the car­pet, and then went under the table and started growl­ing, at seem­ingly noth­ing. It is pos­si­ble that she saw a mouse that we have seen a few times. That’s another good rea­son to bring a cat home.

Flower kept com­ing up and putting her paws on the couch. I think she would want to sit with me, if Dot­tie wasn’t always there.

It rained, so when John got home, he gave them their evening treat from the couch. Dot­tie and Candy eagerly took theirs. Flower eyed him war­ily, ran up, took one, and then ran around in a cir­cle on the car­pet. I really wish I knew what causes her erratic behavior.

While John was out of the room, I put Flower on the couch, on the other side of me. She stayed for a while, but jumped down, so I went and got Candy. She seemed relaxed. She put her head on my leg and stretched out. She was there for prob­a­bly 15minutes. When John came back into the room, he sat on the other side and pet­ted her. She didn’t get up until he got up about ten min­utes later.

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