Shih Tzu Gardens: Flowers Galore!

Shih Tzu Gardens

Our four shih tzus will tell you it’s been a busy sum­mer with lots of changes! One of the biggest ones has been their back­yard! When they arrived at our home in June 2011, they had a very big back­yard with noth­ing inter­est­ing to look at. Not anymore!

Over the last sev­eral months, we have added to our deck, invested in patio fur­ni­ture and an umbrella, planted a veg­etable gar­den and planted lots of flow­ers. I think we will all be sad when cold weather hits!

Candy and the Secret Garden

Candy Shih Tzu in the garden.

Candy rests near the “Secret Gar­den” of mainly cone­flower (Echi­nacea) varieties.

Flower and the Blan­ket Flower Garden

A shih tzu investigates blanket flowers (Gaillardia).

Flower inves­ti­gates the blan­ket flow­ers (Gaillardia).


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