Shih Tzu Week 119: Snow!

Oct. 3 – Oct. 9, 2013

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Fri­day, Oct. 4 

It snowed last night. Snow! On Oct. 3! I’m not ready to see my gar­den die! Also, I have been leav­ing the back­door open, since Candy and Dot­tie still don’t go through the doggy door. So today it is closed.

I have begun to think of myself as Flower’s “Daddy Bridge.” She climbs onto my lap, and with­out stop­ping, crosses me to get to Daddy. But I am in no way com­plain­ing. I am just happy that she is that com­fort­able with both of us now. When she isn’t with us, or at Shih Tzu Cen­ter, she likes to sit on the back of the loveseat where she can watch every­body from a com­fort­able dis­tance, and look out the win­dow when she chooses.

Candy also con­tin­ues to make “couch progress.” I never knew what she wanted before when she came up to the couch. Nowa­days it can mean she wants a snack or she wants up. Today, for exam­ple, I reached to get her and she stood still and let me pick her up. Dot­tie was already on one side and Nigel snug­gled close on the other. I sat her on the other side of Nigel, and she even­tu­ally curled up and set­tled down. When she was there, I rubbed her ear and real­ized it was soft inside, not rough as usual. That rough­ness, or “ele­phant ear,” is a sign of aller­gies, although I am not sure to what. I have been putting a lit­tle Aquaphor in her ear, think­ing if it works for my lips it might work for her ear. It seems to be work­ing. Also, a neigh­bor gave us a water cooler, so they mainly get puri­fied water to drink, and maybe that is helping.

Flower jumped up on the couch to join us a lit­tle later, so I had all four of the shih tzus for com­pany, although Flower def­i­nitely looked bored on her cor­ner perch. Candy can only take couch com­fort for so long, so she even­tu­ally jumped down to occupy the bed she and Nigel alter­nate in, by the enter­tain­ment cen­ter. Although he rarely does it, Nigel actu­ally took a bed at Shih Tzu Central.

I have the TV on today, like I often do when I’m work­ing, with the vol­ume down. I just saw an image of an abused dog on an com­mer­cial for an ani­mal shel­ter and it almost made me cry. I am so happy our four shih tzus have a lov­ing home and that there are so many ani­mal res­cues and shel­ters out there try­ing to make a difference.

Sun­day, Oct. 6 

It warmed up enough for us to take the dogs for a walk at Majes­tic View Nature Cen­ter. Since we have worked so hard on our gar­den this year, I have really enjoyed look­ing at their plants and flow­ers, which are usu­ally tagged with their names.

It gives me of ideas for the future. We don’t walk there nearly as much as the shih tzus would like to, since we nor­mally just walk behind Wal-Mart, so it is always a spe­cial treat. I tried to walk all four of them once there with­out John, but it was a fiasco, and I would never try it again.

Mon­day, Oct. 7

Nigel got a bath today. Hope­fully that will stop his scratch­ing. Each one of the dogs took their turns on the couch today again. Of course, Dot­tie is there most of the day. I was watch­ing Flower roll around on the couch for a while. Not sure why she does that, but it’s fun to watch. Maybe she is scratch­ing her back on the couch? Each time I pick up Candy and sit her down on the couch, I think about the past, when she either hid upstairs or in her cor­ner “apart­ment” in the din­ing room, instead of join­ing us. I con­tinue to be thank­ful for how far we have come.

Tues­day, Oct. 8 

John gave the shih tzus their pre-breakfast snack (chicken-wrapped rawhide bone) as usual this morn­ing and they were rar­ing to go. For some rea­son, Candy often doesn’t eat hers right away. She sits it in front of her and guards it. I think she keeps it just to enjoy the game. If any­one comes near it, she sounds her loud siren bark warn­ing. I need to record it, because it’s fierce. Some­times, like today, Flower sits on the other side of Candy’s bone and growls, try­ing to ter­ror­ize her sis­ter to giv­ing it up. How­ever, Candy instead decided it was time to enjoy it.

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Shih Tzu Day 130: Daylight Saving Shih Tzus

two shih tzus on a bed. an extra shih tzu in our bed

I decided to see if Candy would sleep with us. I told Flower and Dot­tie good­night and Nigel, John, Candy and I went upstairs. Candy’s shih tzu sis­ters must have been curi­ous, because they came upstairs a lit­tle later. I had set Nigel and Candy on the bed, and Flower and Dot­tie came to the edge of it. Candy became  queen of the moun­tain. She leaned over the bed and growled at her sisters.

a shih tzu being bathed.

Candy didn’t attempt to jump down, like Dot­tie does, so I turned off the light to see what she would do. She stayed on the side of me, where I had set her. Nigel was lay­ing between John and I, which is where he tends to lay, unless I move him. I fell asleep right away, but I woke up in the mid­dle of the night. I’m a tosser, but when I went to turn over, there was no where to turn. Candy and Nigel were as close as book­ends, and since they were on the bed­spread, that made it even harder to turn. I woke up sev­eral times dur­ing the night, but tried to stay on one side as long as possible.

no Day­light Sav­ings for the shih tzus

a shih tzu after a bath.

I awoke to Dottie’s moan­ing out­side the door. The prob­lem was that they were an hour early. We s

et the clocks last night for Day­light Sav­ings. The furry alarm clocks didn’t rec­og­nize the hour change, so they came upstairs at their reg­u­lar time.

Since I hadn’t slept well, John vol­un­teered to get up and see if the shih tzus would let him feed them. It went well, except Dot­tie resisted going outside.

a wet shih tzu after a bath.

I asked John if Flower and Dot­tie tried to steal Candy’s food. He said they came over to check her bowl out, but Candy has fig­ured out how to keep the other female shih tzus away from her food. She keeps her face in her bowl until she fin­ishes eating!

All the shih tzus ran to greet  me when I got up. We decided three of the shih tzus needed groom­ing: Nigel, Dot­tie and Flower. Flower was the best when it came to

bathing and trim­ming. Dot­tie wasn’t too bad, but Nigel fought us again. We need a very deep sink for him, because he fights so hard to crawl out of ours.



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Shih Tzu Day 86: Will Dance For Food

The Break­fast Dance

breakfast dance 1The shih tzus didn’t want to let me sleep in today. They barked until I tum­bled out of bed at 6. I needed to get up early any­way, because I had to fin­ish up some work before I left for a morn­ing appoint­ment. The lit­tle dogs did their usual break­fast dance, which begins once I pick up their dog bowls and head for the back door, and ends once I put the bowls down.

breakfast dance 2I was gone for prob­a­bly five hours, so they were very excited to see me when I got home. I put gro­ceries away and got them out­side, but Flower ran back in because of loud machine noises next door, so I gave her a treat inside.

breakfast dance 3The Canyon Creek apple and chicken wrap bag is almost empty, so I have to be mak­ing another PetS­mart trip soon. That’s the only place I know that car­ries a big enough bag to last a while for three, small, food-loving dogs. They each got a small piece and then I gave them all a small sweet potato treat on the couch.

breakfast dance 4Flower jumped right up, then she sat there for a while. When I started to pet her, she rolled over on her side and then on her back.

breakfast dance 5I still haven’t been able to get the dogs’ mouths open to put the Trop­i­clean teeth gel on their teeth, so I have been exper­i­ment­ing with dif­fer­ent so-called den­tal prod­ucts. This time I bought some­thing from Wal­mart that looks like a rawhide Flip. I passed them out, and they all chewed on them for awhile.

When they got bored, Candy and Flower took turns tak­ing an Oinkies roll from each other. Candy would be chew­ing on one on the car­pet and lay it down. Flower would trot over, grab it, and head back to Shih Tzu Cen­tral. It seemed unnec­es­sary to me, since there are always sev­eral half-eaten Oinkies on the floor. I think they just like tak­ing things from each other.

Wrong Truck

breakfast dance 6breakfast dance 7The girls are pretty good at rec­og­niz­ing sounds. For instance, they know when I am up, because they know every sound from when I go into the bath­room until I open the door. They bark once they know I am up, but they don’t start bark­ing crazily until the elec­tric tooth­brush goes on, because they know the bath­room door will open shortly.

breakfast dance 8They know when I am home because they hear the garage door open­ing and then clos­ing. When I get out of the Jeep I hear fran­tic bark­ing. How­ever, then they stop, wait­ing to see if it’s really going to be me or if it might be that Man. Once I walk in the back­door and say hi, they go crazy, danc­ing around.

When John comes home from work, they hear the rum­ble of his truck and start barking.

Today, how­ever, they heard another truck an hour ear­lier than John would be get­ting up and started bark­ing. They acted very con­fused when they waited a while and then the door didn’t open.

breakfast dance 9I got down on the floor and told them they were silly. Then, I started mak­ing noises. Flower kept run­ning up to me and then run­ning off again, doing her “ruff” thing. Dot­tie just looked puz­zled. When John did get home, Candy started to get excited, but then she checked her­self. After all, if Flower and Dot­tie aren’t excited, should she be? How­ever, once John told her hello, she ran up to him, shak­ing her lit­tle butt in greeting.

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