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  1. This is a very touch­ing and mov­ing story. We have a shi­htzu and can’t even begin to under­stand how humans can treat ani­mals this way. What you did is humane, won­der­ful and reward­ing. Thank you for shar­ing your story.

    • Hello Eileen. Thank you for your com­ments. The shih tzus have been such a bless­ing to us, as I am sure yours is to you. Please enter our raf­fle while you are on our site!

  2. Hi

    My name is Ben and I am one of the edi­to­r­ial team here at Pub­lish­ers Network.

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    What You Get:

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    We can have your free con­tent writ­ten to your brief ready within a week, so if you are keen to par­tic­i­pate in this pro­gram just reply to this email for fur­ther infor­ma­tion on get­ting started.

    Before you go any fur­ther, it’s worth say­ing a lit­tle about us. Pub­lish­ers Net­work is a com­pany based in Nor­folk that works with pub­lish­ers that are look­ing to gen­er­ate rev­enue from their sites, pro­vid­ing dif­fer­ent con­tent strate­gies that web­mas­ters may not have con­sid­ered in the past.

    I hope you find this email of inter­est and I look for­ward to hear­ing from you.

    Kind­est Regards

  3. Hello my lit­tle friends ! I do hope you are all too busy to read this right now, because I guess you will be hav­ing a gigan­tic party cel­e­brat­ing the first anniver­sary of you lucky girls (and boy) find­ing your for­ever home exactly 1 year ago ! Times goes fast when you are enjoy­ing home made treats and lots of love every day of the past year !!! Please keep on updat­ing your blog, we love to come and read all your new adven­tures !!
    Big hug from me, your biggest fan, Miss Poppy, my lit­tle sis­ter Lily and our mom Chris

    • Thank you so much, Miss Poppy! Mom and the Man went for a bike ride, but now, they say we are going to an ice cream social to cel­e­brate grand open­ing of Petco Unleashed! Can you believe they are tak­ing all of us! Candy and Dot­tie might get new har­nesses. Flower already has one. Mom says that Flower does so good on walks now, and did so good at the vet (besides escap­ing later in another Petco park­ing lot — long story we will tell soon!) that they think they can take us out socially! She said she wouldn’t have dreamed of that a year ago! She says we’ve made great progress! Also, we heard her tell the Man that we were get­ting more home­made treats! Yes!! This should be a good day!

  4. Hi Di! I love your blog! and the name — clev-er!!!! I was intro­duced to you by an email from Paula, who told me about you and your lit­tle Shih Tzu’s. I know the girls and Nigel love their new home and I can tell they’re very good and not spoiled at all. ha. Ah– the luck­i­est furry friends are the ones with pet humans! Take care, maybe we can setup a blog play date with our kids– once mine decide to stay out of trees and trou­ble. I have chip­munks and squir­rels, and if I may say so myself — also cute and talented.

    • Thanks, Suzy! I am glad Paula intro­duced us. I am piti­fully behind on the blog, but the shih tzu clan is doing great! Flower would be very excited to meet the chip­munks and squir­rels, but that means she would bark like crazy and run around try­ing to fig­ure out how to access them! I have no idea what she thinks she would do if she ever came close to one! Bark some more, probably!

  5. Hi there,
    Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog, and think that it’s won­der­ful that you adopted your three lit­tle girls all together. Nigel looks like a doll, too. I love see­ing the pics of them roam­ing out­side together!! Such a won­der­ful sight. 🙂

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