Shih Tzu Day 216: Poop Patrol

dou­ble feeding

John got up with a headache at 6, and since he was going down­stairs, I asked him to feed the dogs. I didn’t think I went to sleep. I heard scratch­ing at the door, and opened it to see Nigel, Flower, and Dot­tie sit­ting there, wait­ing for me to get up. John was indis­posed, but I assumed he hadn’t been able to get them to go down­stairs and out­side, so I went to the kitchen and got their food bowls together, threw away the soiled train­ing pad, and went to fill their bowls with water. One still had quite a bit in it, so I filled the other one.

When John emerged from the bath­room, he asked if the dogs had gone out­side “again.” I said that they had gone out­side, because I had just fed them. He looked sur­prised, and told me he’d already done that. Oops. Of course, they didn’t tell me they had full bel­lies. I guess they had eaten and imme­di­ately ran up the stairs to wait for me. I must have dozed off for a few min­utes, so just assumed they had been wait­ing for me the entire time and that they hadn’t eaten. They were prob­a­bly thrilled to get one over on me.

poop patrol

When it’s warm enough, I leave the door open, hop­ing to tempt the dogs to go play. Candy and Nigel will do that some­times, which is why they weigh less than Dot­tie and Flower. I know they need a good exer­cise pro­gram, trans­late, lots of walks. I am wait­ing for the weather to be warm enough when John is home so we  can get on the ball again.

I was on poop patrol today, and I am embar­rassed to say it had been a while, and we have a pretty big back­yard, so I got my exer­cise. Flower and Dot­tie trailed behind me, and I’m sure they were won­der­ing why I had a bag­gie on my hand and was pick­ing up those small, brown blobs and throw­ing them in a plas­tic bag. Too bad they can’t help. Another item on my to do list is to fig­ure out how to get them to go in one small area. The good news is that they do go out­side, and not inside.

That reminds me how good Flower has been lately. I did find some brown blobs down­stairs, and that was either Flower or Nigel, but it seems like an iso­lated inci­dent. Flower also seems to have got­ten over hav­ing to poop when she is fright­ened. John was work­ing in the area today and came home for lunch. She was sit­ting on the couch and he was pet­ting her. I told him she likes butt rubs, but when he moved his hand away from her face, she bolted, jump­ing over Dot­tie to sit by my side. At least that’s all she did. Oh. Her eye­lashes have grown so long, and she looks so adorable.

green dog

I just heard a noise and saw Candy jump­ing away from some­thing on the floor. My first thought was a mouse, but it was actu­ally just Green Dog. She grabbed him in her mouth and trot­ted out the door. At least she is get­ting exer­cise, while Flower and Nigel are curled up on the couch. I also just real­ized that Dot­tie is just stand­ing near my feet, wait­ing for her ele­va­tor lift up to the couch.

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