About The Shih Tzu Clan

My name is Di, and I am a writer and an edi­tor. My hus­band and I had a pre­cious lit­tle York­shire ter­rier named Joey for 14 years, until she died in 2010. Recently, we decided that we needed another dog in the house. Cer­tain events led me to choose a shih tzu as my dog of choice. I never dreamed I would end up with three shih tzu sis­ters instead of one shih tzu. Wait! Scratch that! Four shih tzus!

In June 2011, I saw a pic­ture of three shih tzu sis­ters online. I was inter­ested in one of them and con­tacted the ani­mal res­cue orga­ni­za­tion car­ing for them. After meet­ing these three shih tzus, my hus­band and I decided to fos­ter these half-sisters: Dot­tie, 2; Candy, 2; and Flower, 5. Up until our fos­ter dogs were res­cued and turned over to BFF Res­cue, in early 2011, these three shih tzu sis­ters spent their life as puppy mill moth­ers. They came to us as fear­ful dogs with many issues, but they are learn­ing to enjoy life, inch by inch.


Top to bottom: Flower, Candy and Dottie

We adopted Dot­tie, Candy and Flower on July 20, 2011. We want to encour­age other peo­ple to adopt puppy mill dogs, even when they seem “un-adoptable.” We were afraid to take on this chal­lenge at first, but now, I can’t imag­ine what life would be like with­out them. Our shih tzu sis­ters didn’t come to us as cud­dly, fluffy pup­pies. But they have learned to trust us, and we have learned to love them.

A few months later, we were asked to fos­ter a male shih tzu that was an owner sur­ren­der. Nigel cap­tured our hearts as well and we couldn’t “sur­ren­der” him, so he is now part of the family.

One thing is for sure. Life is never dull at our house, and we see won­der­ful changes every day! Please join us in our jour­ney! Also, please join the girls on Twit­ter and please Like them at their Face­book page.

Candy Shih Tzu 2012

Flower Shih Tzu 2012

Dottie Flower and Nigel Shih Tzu Thanksgiving




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    • Yes. They came from a puppy mill in Kansas. The were fos­tered for about five months. I don’t know what they endured, but they were very trau­ma­tized, afraid of every­thing. They couldn’t find an accept­able home for them. I started out look­ing at Candy and Flower, but ended up fos­ter­ing all three. We adopted them two weeks later.

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