Shih Tzu Day 42: Kicked Out Of Dog Grooming School

dog groom­ing school practice

Dottie went yesterday. Who's going today?I might have a hard time com­pos­ing myself to write this, because I had a very hard day! It’s all the fault of Mom and that lady named Lia at Gen­tle Groomers. And maybe it’s even Candy and Dottie’s fault! I know it’s not mine. I didn’t decide to go to stu­pid dog groom­ing school!

The day didn’t start out all that bad. We had our yummy food out­side, and then Dot­tie and I went inside. Candy likes to be by her­self, so she went and sat under what the man calls a trailer.

You come near me with that water, and you will live to regret it!Later, the man went and brought her inside. Mom said since she couldn’t fig­ure out how to watch the videos from dog groom­ing school, she’d have to do her home­work by mem­ory, with his help. She got that obnox­iously loud thing and cut fur off of Candy. The lady named Lia at the dog groom­ing school said she had to cut fur off of her paws and her “woo-hoo.” Gig­gle. Her woo-hoo! I guess that’s where we have to wee-wee. Any­way, I’m glad it wasn’t my woo-hoo they were trim­ming for dog groom­ing school. I like my woo-hoo as it is.

Didn't I warn you!!We decided we weren’t going to spend much time with Mom today, because of this dog groom­ing school thing. Plus, I don’t like the fact that Mom makes me drag this leash around behind me. I don’t know what she thinks she’s going to accom­plish that way. Some­one told her that if she did that, we’d learn how to walk with her on a leash. No way!

dog groom­ing school dropout

I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti! Silence of the Shih TzusMom made us get in the car again and took us to that strange place again. Hav­ing to take the car ride was bad enough. Then, this time, instead of get­ting Dot­tie out of the ken­nel, they got me out. It wasn’t funny! Mom let that lady set me up on that table. She put that thing on my neck that she told Mom would keep me from jump­ing down. She told Mom that she would do “half” of me and Mom would groom the other half. I sat there patiently for a while as she clipped me, but I didn’t like it. Then, she did some­thing that didn’t feel good, and I decided that I’d had enough. I started fight­ing them, until Lia put a “seat belt” around me, to make me stay on the table. I really don’t like this woman!

I pre­tended like I was get­ting calm to make them take the seat belt off me. After they did, I got even. I waited for my chance, and then I jumped up, pulling my neck out of that noose, and jumped back­wards off the table. You should have seen their faces!

Thanks, Flower! I bet they would have left me alone if it hadn't been for you!Mom and Lia tried to catch me, but they couldn’t. I was angry, but I was a lit­tle afraid, too, and, well, you know what I do when I’m afraid. I can’t help it. I heard Mom say she’d get a paper towel and pick up the poop off the floor. Lia told her I needed a bath, because she couldn’t fin­ish groom­ing me. Good! I didn’t want to be groomed anyway.

Lia put me in this tub and put some­thing around my neck so I wouldn’t try to jump out, but I was sick of her touch­ing me! I jumped and fought and scratched and kicked — except I guess I wDo you think you could blow that another way? Like towards Flower?as fight­ing with myself. Lia and Mom just stood there watch­ing me. Mom got con­cerned because Lia told her I bit my tongue. I did, and it hurt! It also hurt when I hit my head on the tub, sev­eral times. I thought if I kept bang­ing it against the tub, Mom would come to my res­cue. What’s a dog sup­posed to do when they don’t want to be groomed or take a bath?? I wish I could talk to some­one about ani­mal abuse, but Lia said I was doing all the dam­age. Well, I guess I was, but it really was their fault.

My shenani­gans, as Mom calls them, worked. Lia said I didn’t have to get groomed after all. In fact, she rec­om­mended Mom take me to obe­di­ence class and gave her some names. That will be the day!

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Shih Tzu Day 37: Candy The Lap Dog — Kind Of

Candy, the sort of lap dog

I have been won­der­ing how the shih tzus would han­dle their next round of com­pany: my mother, her niece, Becky, vis­it­ing from Mid­land, Texas; her daugh­ter, Teresa; Teresa’s 16-year-old daugh­ter, Heather, and her 19-year-old son, Alex.

When the vis­i­tors first arrived, the shih tzus exhib­ited their nor­mal unso­cial behav­ior. Candy fled to her cor­ner in the din­ing room, beyond the table and chairs. Flower ran from Shih Tzu Cen­tral, jumped up onto my couch, jumped back down and ran to hide behind the din­ing table. And, yes, she did leave a trail of poop behind her, par­tic­u­larly on the couch where I had been plan­ning on hav­ing my guests sit. I explained her prob­lem and went around the liv­ing room and din­ing room, pick­ing up poop.

Dot­tie stayed at Shih Tzu Cen­tral, growl­ing her dis­ap­proval. It always sur­prises me when she growls, since she is so pas­sive. Shiloh, of course, wan­dered around vis­it­ing every­one personally.

All of our guests are dog peo­ple. Heather and Alec attempted to get to know all of the shih tzus. Dot­tie even­tu­ally took treats from them, but the other two kept their distance.

I did some­thing I hadn’t ever attempted to do. I went and got Candy, picked her up and held her on my lap, even though, like her sis­ters, she is not a lap dog. She stayed there, calmly, for at least thirty min­utes, before let­ting me know she was tired of com­pany. When I let her down, she wan­dered back to the cor­ner in the din­ing room, where she could watch at a com­fort­able dis­tance. I explained to our com­pany that, regret­tably, none of the girls were lap dogs.

who stole the Milo’s Kitchen chicken jerky?

While our vis­i­tors were here, we watched YouTube dog videos they told us about. One par­tic­u­larly funny one was about a guy try­ing to find out which of two dogs had stolen the cat’s treats. The video was even more appro­pri­ate after I returned from a late lunch.

When I walked in the liv­ing room, I spot­ted a torn and empty Milo’s Kitchen chicken jerky bag on the floor. I real­ized that after let­ting Alec and Heather try to bribe the dogs, I hadn’t put away the treats. I don’t know where they had put them, but some­one had found them. I thought that the 18 oz. bag had been at least half full.

I assume that the shih tzu sis­ters shared the bag, while poor Shiloh, in his ken­nel, had to watch them have all the fun with­out him. What sur­prised me was that none of them exhib­ited signs of an upset stom­ach. Of course, no one con­fessed to the crime.

Shih tzu poopy

While I was clean­ing up poop ear­lier, my mother com­mented that she never expected to see me clean­ing up after ani­mals. I agree. This is all new to me. John was the one who mostly cared for Joey, a gen­uine lap dog.

I def­i­nitely am get­ting a lot of expe­ri­ence in the clean up area now. After com­pany left, I had to give Flower’s back half a bath. After using plenty of sham­poo and water and using the scis­sors to cut out some par­tic­u­larly prob­lem areas, Flower was back to nor­mal. I only hope I can keep her that way for a while.

I also made a dis­cov­ery today. I know that at least one shih tzu uses the train­ing pad reg­u­larly. I know Dot­tie does, although she gets as much on the car­pet as the pad. This evening, I watched Flower squat down right next to the pad. I ordered her to stop, but before I got there, she had done her business.

We still have plenty of work ahead of us, includ­ing house­break­ing and cre­at­ing a gen­uine lap dog or two!

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Shih Tzu Day 36: the Shihtz Hits the Fan

Give us a treat or else!

John Stirs Up the Shih Tzu

I can almost taste the chicken and apple. Yum!Flower and Dot­tie made their usual visit up the stairs to the side of my bed to wake me, yap­ping, mov­ing from side to side, their heads bounc­ing up and down. Later, when John went down­stairs, Flower kept run­ning around like a crazy per­son, until we decided it was time for John to try a “don’t do this unless you’re a pro­fes­sional” Cesar Mil­lan maneu­ver. He tried to approach her, with his arms out, get­ting closer and closer.

She had too much room to work with and went fly­ing across the liv­ing room, dart­ing in and out of din­ing room chairs, back into the liv­ing room, up the stairs, down the stairs, into the kitchen, back out, all the while leav­ing small, brown drop­pings here and there.

We finally decided that we would get back to her issues later, and ignored her. I got out the clean­ing sup­plies and went poop hunt­ing. That all hap­pened before they had breakfast.

I had John carry the food bowls out­side to see what they would do. I didn’t think Flower would come out­side rDottie already has her treat. What's taking you so long?ight away, but she darted out and started gob­bling her food like demons were after her.

After that, she went inside and over to Shih Tzu Cen­tral, where she sat qui­etly, not bark­ing or growling.

Although she had caused the other shih tzus to scat­ter, they calmed down quickly as well.

That Loud Noise Again!

It’s very hard to go many days with­out get­ting the steam cleaner out these days. I have been threat­en­ing to get a spy cam­era so I can tell who is doing what where, and try to cor­rect it. Out-of-town rel­a­tives are com­ing to visit Fri­day, so it’s espe­cially impor­tant to freshen up the house before then.

Fresh­en­ing up included wash­ing the dog beds and assorted tow­els and blan­kets from their cor­ner. So, beyond hav­ing to lis­ten to the awful sound from the steam cleaner, the girls were going to have to find some­where else to lie down. Flower decided that the peo­ple couch would do for a while.

Yum, yum, yummy!

I had decided to try another Dog Whis­perer trick. Cesar Mil­lan says that if the pet is afraid of the vac­uum cleaner that you need to posi­tion the dog near the machine and give it a treat. Then turn it on. Candy is the one who is the most afraid. She usu­ally sees it com­ing out and runs towards the stairs. She will stay upstairs for long peri­ods of time after the vac­uum cleaner noise stops.

I used Cesar’s dog treats for the exper­i­ment. I approached Candy and picked her up and took her over near the vac­uum. I told her that I was going to turn it on and I gave her a dog treat. I turned it on, and she ran like crazy towards the stairs. Well, it takes even Cesar weeks to reha­bil­i­tate some dogs.

One good thing came out of the exper­i­ment. When she ran upstairs, John was get­ting ready for work. She has been respond­ing more and more to him. They had some ten­der moments because of the steam cleaner. He came down­stairs a lit­tle later hold­ing her. She looked per­fectly content.

Dot­tie and Flower aren’t as afraid of the vac­uum cleaner, although they don’t like it. They cross the room, but they don’t run upstairs like Candy does. Shiloh, the vis­it­ing Boston ter­rier mix, could care less. He doesn’t seem to even notice when it goes on.

I did sit Flower next to the machine, gave her a treat and turned it on. She went back to her cor­ner. She also jumped on the peo­ple couch for a while, but when I got near it, she jumped off and went to Shih Tzu Central.

When­ever I went near enough to reach her, I pulled a treat out of my pocket and gave it to her and Dot­tie. Of course, Shiloh got one, too.

Why does Flower always have to sit so close to me? She smells!

I fin­ished the clean­ing later in the after­noon. That time, I guess you could say there was improve­ment. Candy ran to her pri­vate cor­ner in the din­ing room and stayed there, but she didn’t attempt to run upstairs.

When I got done clean­ing, Flower and Dot­tie both sat with me for a while. Although Flower has her fits and mal­func­tions, she seems to for­get eas­ily. After John left, she came and sat by me, star­ing into my eyes as I talked to her and pet­ted her. I won­der if she even knows she can be a royal pain in the bum.

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Shih Tzu Day 29: Black and White Dogs, Black and White Dreams

Candy, help me! He's out of control.

Dream­ing in Black and White

You did too lead me on, Flower.John got up at 4:30 a.m. with a headache, sig­nal­ing all the dogs to come and try to lure me out of bed an hour ear­lier than usual. I lay in bed lazily, try­ing to ignore them, but gave up and hung my hand over the side for them to play with. Of course, Shiloh jumped in clum­sily, so I had to keep try­ing to get him to play gently.

You're not the only one who is Angry, Bird!Since I didn’t get up right away, Shiloh jumped back up on the bed to get in a few extra winks, and the girls migrated back down­stairs. I thought I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep and planned on get­ting up at 5:30, but then I fell back asleep and had a really weird dream about black and white dogs, black and white ham­sters, black and white cats. It reminded me of a line from the movie, Sen­tinel: Black and white cake; black and white cat.

Flower For­gets to Be Distant

What did you want me to do with this thing?Flower for­got to play hard to get when I picked her up this time. Ear­lier she ran from me, and when I caught her and held her, she leaned away from me. A few hours later, I picked her up from the dog bed and she didn’t fight me at all. She didn’t lean against me, but she didn’t lean away from me. I rewarded her with lots of kisses, but I know she would have pre­ferred treats.

Later, she let me pet her for sev­eral min­utes out­side and played at my feet when we came back inside. When Dot­tie and I were sit­ting on the couch this after­noon, Flower jumped up tMom says I look like Candice Bergen. Do you see the resemblance?o sit with us. It’s prob­a­bly because Bru­tus, Shiloh’s name for today, is mak­ing weird growl­ing noises.  I just love it when Flower comes up and puts her paws on the couch, stretches, and looks at me all loopy.How can I look like Candy Bergen and like a rabbit?

Candy might be tak­ing her sister’s lead. She doesn’t try to escape so much when I approach her. She usu­ally just sits still. I picked her up and held her twice today for a cou­ple of min­utes each time.


Sorry I'm not trying to be cute today. My tummy is upset.I’m used to pick­ing up the kind of poop that’s easy to pick up, but today was a dif­fer­ent story. Some­body must have an upset stom­ach. Today wasn’t ham­burger day, but it’s pos­si­ble it could be effects from yes­ter­day. This morn­ing, John also hand-fed them from the Fromm salmon sam­ple package.

Later in the day, I caught Dot­tie poop­ing next to the train­ing pad, and the tex­ture iden­ti­fied her as the dog with the upset tummy. I picked it up and pointed to the train­ing pad, ask­ing her to please do her busi­ness there. About an hour later, she went back to the same spot, squat­ted and pooped before I could get to her. When I got to the spot, I firmly asked her to use the train­ing pad. I tried to catch her by the col­lar to sit her on the pad, but she pulled away and I tugged back, say­ing a lit­tle impa­tiently, “Dot­tie, use the pad!” and plac­ing her on it. The poor lit­tle thing cow­ered before me. I guess when a doggy has an upset tummy isn’t the right time to train them where to poop.

What's wrong with Dottie, Mommy? I picked her up and held her, pet­ting her tummy. All after­noon, when­ever I approached her, she cow­ered down or ran and hid under the table. I felt very guilty for show­ing my impa­tience and being too force­ful. I have to get on John’s iPad and start read­ing the “Fear­ful Dog” book to get some help on what to do in sit­u­a­tions like this.

I tried to be very care­ful with what all the dogs ate today, to avoid any more instances.

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Shih Tzu Day 18: The Strong Willed of the Shih Tzus

a cho­rus of shih tzus

two <strong srcset=shih tzus running up cow painted stairs." width="514" height="381" />

Woke up a few times this morn­ing, with­out a cho­rus of shih tzus bark­ing, but forced myself to stay in bed. I was tired after get­ting up at 6 yes­ter­day, plus, I knew if I moved, even to go to the bath­room, the shih tzus would hear me. Finally, when I was wide awake, I got up at 7:30 to go into the bath­room. Sure enough, I could hear the tags jin­gling, so I tried to stay very quiet, hop­ing the shih tzus would think they had been mistaken.

two shih tzus on a landing.

I had brought my cam­era upstairs last night, and set it down on the desk in the spare room, while the bat­tery charged. I tip­toed in there to get it, but I wasn’t quiet enough. Candy came bar­rel­ing up the stairs, with her shih tzu half-sisters behind her.

I made a mis­take when I allowed Candy to enter her sanc­tu­ary. She dis­ap­peared inside and under the bed. I tried to snap pho­tos of Dot­tie and Flower, but they moved too quickly. Also, they love to play with my hands in the morn­ing, play­fully bit­ing them, and it’s hard to allow them and shoot pic­tures at the same time. Some­day I need to get John up and have him hold the camera.

When I came down­stairs, I was happy to see two sep­a­rate urine spots on the train­ing pad. Who would have ever thought that would make me so happy? My hap­pi­ness was quickly damp­ened, how­ever, by the sight of at least two sets of poop sprin­kling the car­pet near the pad. Sigh.

the strong willed shih tzu

Although I picked up all the poop I saw, John still stepped in some when he came down the stairs. Some­thing about the way Flower was act­ing, plus a trail she was leav­ing, made me try to approach her to clean her butt. That was a step back.

Each time I got close to Flower, she bolted, until I finally felt my patience fray­ing. I finally walked out of the pen, pulled the sec­tion closed behind me, and said, “Fine. All of you are grounded!”

It was funny that the other two shih tzus knew they hadn’t irri­tated Mommy. They eas­ily nudged their way out of the gate, although Flower sat in her bed, look­ing at me, think­ing who knows what.

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