Shih Tzu Day 205: Shih Tzu Improvements

shih tzu mem­o­ries are secure

It has been quite a month. A com­puter crash and backup hard drive prob­lem at the same time caused me to lose all my data. Although pro­fes­sion­als told me I couldn’t get it back, per­sis­tency and lots of com­puter research led me to do just that. Yes­ter­day, I got to the point where I had even recov­ered my Day­One files, where I kept my Shih Tzu jour­nal. I am so happy to get back a few lost weeks that I hadn’t trans­ferred to my blog yet. I also recov­ered ALL of my videos. I was heart­bro­ken that I thought I had lost all those firsts with the shih tzus. I was kick­ing myself for not hav­ing put any up on my site or on YouTube, because I hadn’t yet fig­ured how to edit them. Now every­thing gets backed up on a backup drive and elsewhere!

atti­tude adjustment

One of the biggest things I have noticed over the past few weeks is Nigel’s changed atti­tude. He still gets ram­bunc­tious and still has to be cor­rected, but ever since I brought the “dog house” inside and put him in it when he was pick­ing on the girls, he has not been nearly as pos­ses­sive of things and doesn’t bully them to where it is unbearable.

Another improve­ment has been in the “tin­kle” depart­ment. I got tired of putting the small car­pet I put under their two train­ing pads in the washer and dryer, because I could always smell the rub­ber back­ing, and it was too hard to wash it by hand. Instead I have been using an old dish dry­ing mat as the base and putting one pad on top of it. For the most part, they are hit­ting the mark, although I do have to clean up the hard­wood floor in the morn­ing, because of whichever dog seems to squat on the edge. The best part is at least they seem to be really try­ing! I am not sure, but it seems like Flower might be wait­ing to go out­side in the morning.

shih tzu amnesia

Flower and Dot­tie seem to develop amne­sia every morn­ing. I have been com­ing down­stairs at 6 but John usu­ally doesn’t come down until 7. When the dogs hear his foot­steps on the stairs, they act like he is an intruder and bark like crazy, throw­ing in a growl here and there, even when they see who he is. But there is hope. He can now come up to them and pet them and assure them that he is not an intruder, and they do stop barking.

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Shih Tzu Day 128: Flower Kardashian

a shih tzu in a Christmas dress striking a sexy pose

shih tzu malady

I’m a lit­tle con­cerned. I found throw up on the floor down­stairs for the sec­ond day in a row, and I found some upstairs. I thought it was Flower, because of her breath, but John said he was pet­ting Candy and she threw up. I don’t think it was a reac­tion to him, so I have to think it is some­thing else! Candy does not act like she feels well. She bit my toes and fin­gers yes­ter­day in our morn­ing rit­ual, but she came to greet me today and didn’t do that.

The shih tzus eat a lot of rawhide bones, so is it that? I also gave them pieces of chicken last night. I had breaded it for a meal, but I tried to remove it all before I gave it to the shih tzu clan. Also, I gave them Alpo today, because I hadn’t made up any food. Candy acted like she wasn’t going to eat it at first, but I think that was because she is just finicky. All the shih tzus did end up eat­ing it.

nudge, nudge

Flower was sit­ting with me this morn­ing, but she jumped down from the couch. Pretty soon, I looked down and two cute lit­tle shih tzus, Candy and Flower, nudg­ing my feet. Good! Candy must feel bet­ter. Nigel was next to me, so I sent Mr. Male Shih Tzu down to play, to see if Candy was up for it. I couldn’t decide if she came to visit me or him. She just stood there while he tried to play, but then started bit­ing his face. My ail­ing shih tzu must have revived.

When Nigel tired of get­ting his face bit­ten, the ram­bunc­tious shih tzu wan­dered over to me and took my socks off, and then started bit­ing my toes. Flower fol­lowed his cue and came up and started bit­ing my fin­gers. What a bunch of lit­tle vampires!

Mar­cel, the shell, with shoes on

OK, this has noth­ing to do with shih tzus, but John called me today and told me he had been lis­ten­ing to Den­nis Miller on the radio and he was talk­ing about a super cute YouTube video about “Mar­cel the shell with shoes on.” He said there would soon be a book on Mar­cel. John knows I want to write a book about my expe­ri­ence with our for­mer puppy mill shih tzus, so he wanted to tell me about it. Mar­cel is almost as cute as my shih tzus, but not quite, so check it out!

shih tzus track­ing mud and shih tzus track­ing squirrels

The shih tzus tracked mud all over the floor today. Then, Nigel decided to get on the couch, so guess where the mud went. Groan. You’ll have that with a house full of shih tzus!

Part of the rea­son that the shih tzus kept going in and out was that Candy kept sniff­ing out a squir­rel. Squir­rel patrol requires a lot of in and out activ­ity. Out to check the where­abouts, and in — at least par­tially in the back door — to get shih tzu backup.

shih tzu turn­about is fair play

Flower spends so much time on the couch now that when Dot­tie asks to be let up some­times, Flower growls at her. Mean­while, in the kitchen, I wish I could teach Candy to scratch to come in like Nigel does. I get con­cerned about the amount of time our out­ward bound shih tzu spends out­side. I get up many times to check. She might be on the porch, but when I reach to open the door, she sprints out into the yard. Today, how­ever, she was sit­ting right by the door, and when I opened it, she came right in.

loud, quiet breathing!

There is some­thing very cute about the way Candy and Nigel tus­sle. I will be work­ing, and all of a sud­den, I will hear breath­ing. It’s actu­ally a kind of “quiet breath­ing.” But it is a hec­tic breath­ing. That heavy breath­ing will go on for many min­utes, as the shih tzu pup­pies play near the din­ing room table. It is always a lit­tle frus­trat­ing, because when I reach for my cam­era, they go on alert and the lit­tle bug­gers move on, so I have no proof of how incred­i­bly cute they are.

Flower Kar­dashian

Nigel is a very busy boy. Lately, he goes back and forth between both shih tzu “girl­friends.” Or are they sis­ters? I don’t know. But I wish I could get into the minds of these dogs. One of his girl friends looked par­tic­u­larly adorable today. I found the cutest lit­tle Christ­mas dress at Ross Dress For Less. It’s red, fur-trimmed, and has candy canes and orna­ments all over it. I tried it on Flower, although it is a lit­tle too early for Christ­mas doggy clothes. I was tak­ing pic­tures, and noticed that her dress was up, but I knew they would stop play­ing if I butted in and fixed it, so I just let it go. I was tak­ing pic­tures of her on the couch, and she was fac­ing towards Shih Tzu Cen­tral. She had a very cute butt beneath the cute dress and I thought of the Kar­dashi­ans. Yes, she is my adorable lit­tle Flower Kardashian.

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Shih Tzu Day 37: Candy The Lap Dog — Kind Of

Candy, the sort of lap dog

I have been won­der­ing how the shih tzus would han­dle their next round of com­pany: my mother, her niece, Becky, vis­it­ing from Mid­land, Texas; her daugh­ter, Teresa; Teresa’s 16-year-old daugh­ter, Heather, and her 19-year-old son, Alex.

When the vis­i­tors first arrived, the shih tzus exhib­ited their nor­mal unso­cial behav­ior. Candy fled to her cor­ner in the din­ing room, beyond the table and chairs. Flower ran from Shih Tzu Cen­tral, jumped up onto my couch, jumped back down and ran to hide behind the din­ing table. And, yes, she did leave a trail of poop behind her, par­tic­u­larly on the couch where I had been plan­ning on hav­ing my guests sit. I explained her prob­lem and went around the liv­ing room and din­ing room, pick­ing up poop.

Dot­tie stayed at Shih Tzu Cen­tral, growl­ing her dis­ap­proval. It always sur­prises me when she growls, since she is so pas­sive. Shiloh, of course, wan­dered around vis­it­ing every­one personally.

All of our guests are dog peo­ple. Heather and Alec attempted to get to know all of the shih tzus. Dot­tie even­tu­ally took treats from them, but the other two kept their distance.

I did some­thing I hadn’t ever attempted to do. I went and got Candy, picked her up and held her on my lap, even though, like her sis­ters, she is not a lap dog. She stayed there, calmly, for at least thirty min­utes, before let­ting me know she was tired of com­pany. When I let her down, she wan­dered back to the cor­ner in the din­ing room, where she could watch at a com­fort­able dis­tance. I explained to our com­pany that, regret­tably, none of the girls were lap dogs.

who stole the Milo’s Kitchen chicken jerky?

While our vis­i­tors were here, we watched YouTube dog videos they told us about. One par­tic­u­larly funny one was about a guy try­ing to find out which of two dogs had stolen the cat’s treats. The video was even more appro­pri­ate after I returned from a late lunch.

When I walked in the liv­ing room, I spot­ted a torn and empty Milo’s Kitchen chicken jerky bag on the floor. I real­ized that after let­ting Alec and Heather try to bribe the dogs, I hadn’t put away the treats. I don’t know where they had put them, but some­one had found them. I thought that the 18 oz. bag had been at least half full.

I assume that the shih tzu sis­ters shared the bag, while poor Shiloh, in his ken­nel, had to watch them have all the fun with­out him. What sur­prised me was that none of them exhib­ited signs of an upset stom­ach. Of course, no one con­fessed to the crime.

Shih tzu poopy

While I was clean­ing up poop ear­lier, my mother com­mented that she never expected to see me clean­ing up after ani­mals. I agree. This is all new to me. John was the one who mostly cared for Joey, a gen­uine lap dog.

I def­i­nitely am get­ting a lot of expe­ri­ence in the clean up area now. After com­pany left, I had to give Flower’s back half a bath. After using plenty of sham­poo and water and using the scis­sors to cut out some par­tic­u­larly prob­lem areas, Flower was back to nor­mal. I only hope I can keep her that way for a while.

I also made a dis­cov­ery today. I know that at least one shih tzu uses the train­ing pad reg­u­larly. I know Dot­tie does, although she gets as much on the car­pet as the pad. This evening, I watched Flower squat down right next to the pad. I ordered her to stop, but before I got there, she had done her business.

We still have plenty of work ahead of us, includ­ing house­break­ing and cre­at­ing a gen­uine lap dog or two!

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